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Mnt Sunapee or other near Boston on Monday (MLK day)?

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Hello all,

I need some help. I will be attending business meetings in Waltham MA Tuesday and Wed. next week but I am flying in at 1 on Sunday and would like to do some skiing. I have a hotel room in Waltham Sunday night or I can cancel and book something near a hill.

I was looking at Sunapee but the hotel situation near there is not too good. I don't think I want to leave Waltham at 6 to get there when they open at 8.

I saw this thread with some discussion of the area next week but they are a little more focused on NJ/NY.

So I can either stay in Waltham and drive in the morning somewhere or I could drive over to mnt Snow or ????

Any suggestions for 1) where to ski on a busy MLK Monday, 2) where should I stay Sunday night and 3) where is a good place to hang out Sunday evening?

I prefer blues and easier blacks. I am an intermediate to advanced intermediate and on most blues I ski pretty fast and make longer turns. But as the terrain gets steeper, I turn a lot more. I really want to find someplace with a lot of blues where I can try out my new skis - Nordica HR Eliminators.

Thanks so much for your help!!!
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Sunapee may be the place for you but since it is ~90 minutes from Bosoton it will be crowded. Some other spots near by in Southern NH to consider are Crotched Mountain and Pat's Peak both smaller than Sunapee.

Mt Snow will be crowded and is an option for you with lots of cruiser tarils. You could stay in Brattleboro for Mt Snow there are a bunch of motels off of exit 3 on I-91. For breakfast there is a diner on rt 9 in West Brattleboro that is good.
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Thanks Talisman,

Would it be worth it to drive on up to Killington or something?
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I know I sound like a broken record sometime, but come to Berkshire East in Charlemont, off of route 2. It just does not get crowded. Maybe a couple of minute lift line on a busy weekend.

Great terrain, great atmosphere.

Only negatives are not a high speed detachable lift, and only 1,000 + vertical feet. However the 7 minute lift ride services excellent terrrain, and the vertical drop is of mostly uncrowded stuff.

$50 lift tickets on the weekends.


There are motels nearby, links on the website.

I'll be there on Monday if you come PM me.
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Since this is my first trip east in 20 years I really have never heard of Berkshire East. It seems like it is still 2 1/2 hours from Boston. In that time frame I could be fairly far up in NH or VT.

How are the conditions out there currently? I heard Killington and South-South/Central VT got a lot of snow earlier in the week.

I'm not a much of a hill snob so don't take it that way. I just have only one day to ski and I want to have a great day!
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Almost everywhere will be pretty crowded that day. We skied with SMJ one day last year at B'East and loved it. Very nice terrain, friendly-retro atmosphere. While there aren't high speed lifts you likely won't wait in lift lines. We're looking forward to returning.
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SMJ is definately not steering you wrong. The terrain at the Beast is steeper and better than most places in southern VT and there are no crowds. Okemo and Killington will be extremely busy. If you want to take a drive continue up to Burke.
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I'll be up tomorrow and will post a trip report with current conditions. Should be very good. The bump runs and glades probably are not back in good coverage conditions, the rest of the mountain should be great.

My thing is crowds, I can't stand skiing on the weekend, or on a holiday in most eastern resorts, just WAY too crowded. 15-30 minute lift lines, slopes jam packed with people, out of control snowboarders (and skiers) to have to watch out for. I hate it. That's why I love the 'beast. It just doesn't get like that.

There are very challenging trails as well as nice blue runs, and some decent beginner slopes too. It really is a hidden jewel.
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Do I get a free lesson if I come ski with you? Hehe

I'll buy you lunch.
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If I'm free I'd be happy to ski a couple of runs with you. Giving a "free lesson" would get me in trouble, but skiing with a fellow bear is certainly allowed - and if I happened to give you a tip or two, that would be cool.
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By the way it's probably two hours from Alewife, 2 1/2 seems a bit longer then it should take you.
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Berkshire East was in great shape today, really nice packed powder. After all I said about no lift lines, there were actually a couple of times today where the line was pretty long, maybe 5 or even 10 minutes . Very long for the 'beast. Still not crowded on the slopes though. Taking tomorrow off, then back up on Monday.
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Thanks for the advice. Actually, I ended up getting a place up at Gunstock for Sunday night. Nothing wrong with the BEast!

Anyone going up to the area?
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Haven't been to Gunstock in a long time, nice area. Have fun! Let us know how it was please.
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