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How is Telluride skiing?

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We are headed to Telluride soon - how is it skiing?

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I am heading out on Feb 6, we go every year around that time. It looks to be the best conditions they have had in many years. A friend who has lived there since '86 says its absolutely amazing, the best snow he has skied in years.
We might have it timed perfect for the opening of Palmyra Peak too. :
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Skiing was stellar (best in decades) during the powder cycle last week. Then it got cold, clear, and windy. The mountain has also been getting hammered with record skier numbers. So it's back to cruddy, skied-off bumps all over again. The good news is that we have a 65" base, which is good for this time of year...
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We are heading out on 2 Feb for a week - hopefully it will be good then.
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was just there Friday and Sat.

Friday, hella cold. both my big toes froze to the point where it took 39 minutes to defrost 'em and it was crying stylee painful. temp on the ridge that day was a reported 1degree with super wind chill (at one point i came over a lip on a run to find my boarder buddy sitting on the side of the run rubbing his ears and crying. it was that cold. Snow was good, though, and there were no crowds. We were up on 14 riding under the lift (soft, pliable bumps) and over in Prospect (found a pow stash, but the wind kicked in, froze the condensation on my glasses and knocked out my visibility!)

Saturday wasn't as cold (toes still took a beating) and the crowds were minimal despite a Snow Fun Festival. Spent most of the day off The Plunge doing the bumps (again, soft and big). Bushwacker was firm and perfect for GS, if that's your thing.

after 2 trips to T'Ride, I've realized it's one of the few mountains whose groomed runs make me feel inadequate (Bushwacker, for me, really requires some good grippy skis...my 94mm King Salmons felt a little skittish, but they slayed the bumps and crud).

Today, Sunday, it seemed like it warmed up considerably, but it was our travel day back to The D (Denver).

at any rate, it can be a humbling mountain, depending on what runs you ride on. but both times i've been there it's been mellow and i wouldn't hesitate to return (helps that i have access to a slopeside condo, though!)
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telluride is cont. to get dumped on. i am headed there at the end of feb. and can't wait to go. they are getting another 2 ft or so this week so you should have GREAT conditions. I was there over New Years and had some sweet powder days. Enjoy, I'm jealous.
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Coverage is the best its been in many years, and all the snow has kept the bumps to a much more enjoyable size. It got 9" last night with another foot or two forcast for this week. Go now!
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Two days and counting - looking forward to Saturday!
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