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BCA stash rider pack?

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I know I will sound like a newb,but anyways here is my questions to anyone that has apck like this one.

What exactly are the lash straps on the back for? Is it for tightening the contents of the pack, or used for lashing something to the outside?

There are 2 straps on the back, One is a clip, the other a velcro strap, is this what is used to bind the skis to the pack, or is there someway to tie it to the loops that are at the corners? Or Both? I would assume that if you use the 4 corners idea, that some straps would need to be purchased, as nothing else came with the pack.

Appreciate the info in advance.

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This will explain a bunch http://www.backcountryaccess.com/eng...tash_packs.php

The short version is that any stash pack with "rider" in the name is board carry oriented vs ski carry oriented...
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