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. . . an apology

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Folks, I and my psychologist wife were out for dinner tonight, and I broached the subject of my rather confrontational thread. We reviewed the past (mine) and my perverse attraction to the ol' chip on the shoulder approach. I could have discussed the subject of boot fit theories in an entirely different way and made my point just as well - or at least asked questions about it, which is what I usually ask others to do.

I frequently say to my erudite wifey, "Don't tell me what you know. Tell me what you WANT to know." I do apologize. For some lawyers, it's really, really difficult to avoid the confrontational approach. Maybe it's glands, or maybe just self indulgence.

Anyway, I'm sorry for all that. There must have been a better way to focus on results and ask the professionals what THEY think.

I'll do better next time.
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it takes a big man
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