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any ideas? What ski?

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ok, ive been skiing for about 8 years and im 14. I decided that maybe next year, i'll start going off the groomers more and also in the park. Do any of you know a good , cheap twin tip for basically all mountain, i guess?

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hey The line darksides are a good all mountian and awesome in the park my buddy "DREW Is Gay" has a pair for sale on this sight right now for a good price. Check them out.

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Salomon 1080, can't beat it.....I NEVER go into the park and I love that ski.
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umm... cool. whats his site i think i'll have to check it out. hey ktrubin...how cool is bohemia 'cuz my season pass came with like a free ticket there and i thought i might go and like stay on the one bluesquare or something just to say ive been there...is it worth the drive from like, bay city?
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hey those skis r cool and everything, but do u know of any that are like,160-165? keep in mind im 5 6 but only 14

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