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2oo9 K2 Lineup

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Any news on 08/09 K2 skis?
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Look for the Explorer modle.
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Does that fall between the Recon and Outlaw...?
Does anyone know the specs...?
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Cool to see them bring back the Extreme.
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Looking at the pictures on Freeride, it appears as though the Recon and wider skis will have the same type of sidewall construction as this year's Crossfire. Anyone have any information on that?
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Alan whats the freeride website please
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Look for the thread "2009 skis" the link is in the first post. Anyone have any more info on the construction of the 2009 Recon and Outlaw?
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Thanks for the imfo Alan
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I know the outlaw is going to be 92mm and will ship with the Marker Duke binding. I'll be getting either them, the Xplorer or maybe the Kung Fujas. I want to ski more back country so the duke would allow me to do that and also be totally safe and secure on piste bombing.
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from the picture on freeride in the apache series it looks like they eliminated stryker and added explorer, making the line a little wider.
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The Apache lineup:

Coomba, 135/102/121, torsion box cap.

Outlaw, 129/92/115, titan metal laminate cap.

Xplorer, 128/84/112, titan metal laminate cap

Recon, 119/78/105, titan metal laminate cap

Crossfire 117/70/101, titan metal laminate, ABS sidewall

Rest of the line is torsion box cap construction.

The Recon remains the same ski as 2007, except for the wider binding rail that's supposed to anchor the binding to the ski better (all my integrated K2 bindings wiggle), making it reportedly faster edge to edge.

The Crossfire gains another 2 mm of width (the 2007 was 2 mm wider than the 2006) and an all-new cosmetic treatment from the first sidewall version, as well as the wider binding rail system.

The Xplorer gives a really solid, smooth ride that's still agile. The new binding arrangement made the wider Crossfire as quick for me as the 2007.
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For those looking for piccies and blurb the 2008/9 catalogue can be seen here:
(can't attach it )

(Maybe a mod can merge this thread)

And there's a thread on the 08/9 Xplorer vs Outlaw too.

Now I just need to wait for ESA '09 to pick up my Xplorers that I just sent off my voucher for
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