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Been awhile....

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...since I posted, but even longer since I skied. I think it's been about 6 years? eek! Way way way too long! Dusted of the ol' K2 El Camino 188's and my wife and I went to Stratton and Bromley Monday and Tuesday. We had a blast! I taught my wife to ski about 7-8 years ago. After that, we kinda just got out of it. Moving to Connecticut kinda does that. It's flat here. I practically grew up skiing and can't believe how much I missed it. It felt great to be back out. My wife had so much fun, she's sick of renting and wants her own gear. We'll be hitting the ski shop this weekend.
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Yes it is flat here. So you just have to want it more. What is it , like 3 hours to South Central VT? Your effort will be rewarded.

Welcome back.
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Just under. We made it from Manchester Village to Wallingford in just a tick over 2.5 hours. And that's driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee...so I wasn't breaking any speed records or carving the twisties on Rt 30.

It wasn't a bad ride. It's totally doable for a day trip. I grew up in Western Mass, so it's only tacking on another hour to what I remember from my younger days.
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Awesome to have an opportunity to fall in love with skiing all over again!
Welcome Back!
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