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what's the catch, cheap spyder ski jacket

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What is the catch here...are these real or is this some knock-off version? Something feels fishy here but they have a paypal account and have sold stuff on ebay quite a bit. Thanks for any advice...goto: http://www.growuptogether.com/shop_d...ath=&catid= 0
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You know what they say,"If it looks to good to be true,it probably is". Its hard to know for sure with China. My brother in law just came back from Shanghai and bought Spyder jackets for his wife and daughter and they look very nice. My untrained eye couldn't tell if they were fake or not. He got me Callaway X-20 irons. They don't have serial numbers, but I've hit the real X- 20's before and these seem very comparable.

The ad references the high tech fabrics that go into Spyder jackets. Its very possible at the low price point being offered you're not getting all that. But I think for $120 you get a very nice jacket that will serve you pretty well. Whether you can wear it into the shower and not get wet is another story.
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Update, My brother in law just called me as I was crusising the Chinese website. He asked how much they were charging. I told him approx.$120 a jacket. He told me over at the market in Shanghai he paid $40 US per jacket!

Unbelievable. A part of me believes the jackets are the real thing . Spyder contracts the manufacturing out and probably pays by the piece. They can't control the manufacturer putting product out on the street through other channels. You know Sypder is making a killing .
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If they can't even speak/type English I wouldn't trust them to actually send a jacket that has all of those high-end fabrics in it. I'd expect a jacket that looks like a Spyder but doesn't perform like one.
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You could always call him and ask him....LoL

My company: NICEGARDEN shop
Address:No.41 Jiang An Road,Shanghai,China.
Post code:200233
Tel:+86 021 54191181 or +86 013761857556
Let us grow up together!!!
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Funny, you should post this. Two nights ago I went on Craigs list and found a few purported high end Spyder jackets, that are of the same style as the one you showed, just different colors. I contacted the sellers...which turned out to be the same guy, and asked what style/model the jacket is, his response: "its red black and white if u wanna take a look at it we can meet up.........wuts ur number i will give you a call"

With that I gave up...but who knows it might be real, "fell off a truck", product over-run, etc.
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Thanks for posting the phone number and address. I am working on some opportunities to sell my company's products in China with a guy who lives in Shanghai most of the year, but still keeps a home in Cleveland. I will inquire if the address is anywhere near him and if he could go and buy a jacket and have it sent to me, or bring it back with him when he returns to Cleveland.

I'll let everybody know if I am able to coordinate this what the quality of the jacket is. The jackets I did see, were from a naked eye perspective very nice.
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Our rep in China came back to Ohio where he still maintains a home and brought me a Legend Spyder jacket and pants. Had lunch with him Friday and he gave me the stuff for free and wouldn't take any money. I requested a Large jacket and got a XXL, got a medium pant that is a little short. He went to the address posted in one of the threads above and the shop is not located there. It is a warehouse and will only sell goods over the internet site. He had a contact of his pick up the stuff at one of the markets in Shanghai. Jacket actually is a pretty decent fit. I'm not a fabric expert or knowledgeable about the Syper line to be able to determine howmy stuff is a counterfeit. The tags on it sure look authentic describing the x-static fiber silver fiber the stuff is made from.

So we'll see how it holds up. Skied in the stuff Sat. and the jacket is very warm. I need to wear it in some really cold blowing weather to see how it performs. My guy expalined that the just about everybody in the clothing business is having their products produced in China. Plant, equipment, and labor is super cheap, and he indicated the fabric is made there as well. I think its pretty hard for the clothing company to maybe keep track of all the production and where it goes. It was interesting to read about the textile inventory method that would keep track of production, but what's to stop the same plant bringing more textile materials and producing duplicate jackets for their own sale?
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The problem with those jackets is that they are butt ugly....

But, if one so desires, you can pick up one in Shanghai or Beijing at one of the many shops that look like this.

Starting price is roughly $40-60USD. Much less if you speak the language and have good bargaining skills, much more if you look like a western tourist. With those Spyder jackets, I would check for taped seams as some jackets do and some don't.

FWIW, this store is just down the hall.

Is it real?
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