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Please, remember your sunscreen

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Hey, just a friendly reminder to wear that sunscreen. I forgot mine yesterday and will pay the cost for a long time. I burned my arms very badly, but worse yet now have 300-500 blisters on my face. So remember the sunscreen, its bright out there.
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Been there done that. It is clowdy outside - nothing to worry about. Nothing like returning to a client's site on Monday with sunburned face and explaining how hard you worked all weekend.
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even cloudy days it is important to put some kind of sun protection on. On an overcast bright day you will still get burned, Just not as quickly or as badly..

I put on SPF50 this weekend and re applied at lunch. Everyone still commented on my "tan" from this weekend. [img]tongue.gif[/img] but it was hot!

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I skied the 'Bird once in late April about 6-7 years ago. I'm fairly dark skinned and tan well, so I figured #15 sunscreen would be fine.


At lunch, I had to go inside and buy a hat and #30. It was too late however, and I paid the price with burnt lips ($*#@ ouch!) and my face peeled off a week later.
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Not just sunscreen, but head gear as well, particularly if you are male with excessive testosterone, and therefore folically challenged.
A few years back I skied my last afternoon in Val d'Isere without a hat on. I was going for it big time, it was a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky.
Next morning I woke up with sun stroke.
(and this was in February)

So, keep covered up as well.


To not quote Kurt Vonnegut "trust me on the sunscreen"
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Careful peoples. Mine have swollen to where I have some at a few millimeters and one as big as a half dollar.

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I learned some lessons young: A-Basin, April 1977. We all wore sunscreen, but my cousins didn't wear eye protection. (We were all 10 and under at the time; don't remember where the grownups were.) My three cousins all blistered their eyeballs ... it was horrible. They spent the next few days lying in dark rooms, moaning.

When I was about 11 or 12, I apparently wiped off my PreSun (remember that?) at lunchtime. I subsequently fried the area around my mouth and chin, but not the rest of my face. It blistered, peeled, turned very tan. I looked like a hobo/Richard Nixon for 3 weeks. As a 6th-grade girl, or however old I was, it wasn't so good.
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I'm 46 and have had skin cancer removed from my face. I have a nice hole/scar on my cheek. The sun can kill you!
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Good reminder. Had two burns this year on days I thought were safe. Sounds like they weren't as bad as yours. Really been bright here this week but I've been slapping on the sunscreen and it's been working. Gotta be more careful.
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I just looked at my pics from the Fernie trip, and man are you right about that! Just wasn't thing about sunscreen at -20 celsius!
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Hey, you fleshy-headed mutant, eh? Are you good? or are you evil?

(I hope at least some of you have seen "Strange Brew")

Spag :
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Hey I'd just like to say the key to sunscreen is reapply, reapply, reapply! Also make sure that you get it on 45 minutes or so before heading out, and reapply every few hours.

I work for a company that makes sunscreens. So here is an interesting fact: In the US there is really no such thing as a SPF rating higher than 30. OTC protocalls only rate up to 30. Not to say that that bottle of 70+ won't protect you, but there is a good chance that it won't be much better than a 30. Also, I've learned that freezing and thawing a sunscreen can, in some formulas, drastically reduce its effectiveness! So keep it in your pocket, not in your car, you will also be more likely to reapply!

Enjoy the sun and corn everybody!
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I always use sunscreen and I'm still ugly.
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Too late!
My ears are as red as a truck's rear ligths! :
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