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Nordica Olympia Speed/Fernie advice please

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I'm in the process of planning a trip to Fernie, BC (never been, very excited) for a few days in early March but as I currently ski an old pair of Volkl P50's, I'm pretty sure I'll need a different ski for the trip. I am a level 8-9, 5"7, 125 lbs and any advice would be great! My ski style is the old skis/legs as close together but I'm pretty aggressive. I spend a lot of my day on steeps, bumps and glades. I'm not going to do any backcountry in Fernie, will stick to the hill.

Before this trip planning even started I was considering buying a new pair of either the Dynastar Exclusive Legend or Nordica Olympia Speed, I can get a good deal on last years model for both skis. I pretty much only ski the East with maybe a trip out West every 2-3 years. The Dynastar sounds like a great all around expert ski but I wonder if it's a bit soft for an aggressive skier like myself. The Speed sounds like a great Eastern ski but how would it hold up on a trip out west? Would it be able to handle a foot of fresh snow (if I'm so lucky)? Also, how is it in bumps? The only demoing that I have been able to do so far is the Nordica Olympia Victory (they didn't have the Speed in my size) which I demoed during a rare Tremblant snow day and it was really great in the fresh stuff but I did not enjoy it as much in the bumps (where I spend a good part of my day).

Anyways, any bit of advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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why not just rent / demo when you are at Fernie. If they have fresh great, get a fat ski. If it has rained or refrozen stick with the skis you have, like, trust etc.
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renting/demoing is an option but for not much more than the weeks cost of it I can get either the Dynastar or Nordica skis which seems more worth it... That's why I'd love to get opinions on the skis...
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If you're looking at the best Olympia Ski you can get for your ability and size, I'd go with the 2008 Nordica olympia Firefox. If you can, you NEED to demo that ski.
If you're looking for a good 2007 model ski for a bargain that will do all you need, then you should see if you can get the Nordica Olympia Conquer. THAT is a versatile ski and will take you most anywhere you want to go and hold up well on the groomers.
You may check with Sierra Jim on both of those models to see what he has in stock. OR, demo/rent when you get to Fernie. You gonna love the Firefox!!!
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Trekchick, have you skied both the Firefox and Speed? How do they compare? Also, how is the Firefox in the bumps? Unfortunately the Firefox is not available in Canada and so I would not be able to demo it before purchasing...

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I have skied both the Speed and the Firefox.
Though the FF replaced the Speed, it is no where the same ski.

The speed is a great ski. Stable at speed with little to no speed limit, and smooth carving transitions.
The Firefox is stable at speed, loves to be driven and......get this......when you get into it, the tip pulls you into the carve, while the waist releases you so you get a quick, yet completed carve and a smooth transition.

I really liked the speed, but the Firefox smokes it in a huge way.

I liked the Conquer more than the speed for versatility. Better in the bumps and crud.

Bumps........if you can ski bumps on a carve ski, you will be fine with the firefox. I prefer something with less sidecut in the bumps.
Since the skis you listed have a significant sidecut, I'm assuming that is the kind of ski you like for everything including the bumps.
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I'm an aggressive skier (5'5, 135 lbs) and just bought the Dynastar Exclusive Fluid Limited. Love it! Very quick edge to edge, excels at short radius turns, stable at speed, a great on-piste carving ski. - So much better in bumps and steeps than my old Rossi XXs.

I am not sure how well they'll perform out west with a 68 waist, but so far in the east on minimal powder and soft stuff they've been fine. Wide tip helps. If we get a big powder day at Whistler, I'll probably rent.

I demoed the Olympic Victory too (not the Speed which would have been a better comparison). The Victory would be better as all-mountain, but it just wasn't lively enough for my liking.
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Oh, and since you ski on Volkls, have you considered the Attiva Fuego? A friend of mine (very strong skier) loves them.
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Some that you mentioned and some that you didn't..........

Firefox.....Arguably, the state of the art for agressive women's (mostly groomer) skis. Bring some game.

Fuego......Possibly a close second but less nimble and more of a GS feel. Bring more game.

Exclusive Legend....Wonderful for a 7, maybe less so for an 8-9.

Oly Victory......Possibly the best of the women's skis in this width range if what you like is smooth power.

Fischer Vapor.......Possibly the best combo of FF and Victory. Also one of the best women's skis that I have ever tested. Superior balance of stiff/grippy, smooth/damp, widish (76mm) yet quick.

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Welcome to Epic. Don't like to reccommend a particular ski as everyone is different, what I may love, you make hate and vice versa.

Fernie. Great skiing. Steeps everywhere, great variety of steep and med. steep tree skiing. Some really awesome steep and long mogul runs and powder if it is there of course. I personally would rate Fernie as a real skiers mountain. Off piste skiing everywhere and plenty of terrain for an advanced to expert skier. The double diamond skiing at Fernie means just that you'd better be damn good - or stay off. No phoney marketing expert runs.

Hope you have a great trip.
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Thanks for all the great responses. I contacted Volkl about local demo dates as the Fuego sounds great but was told that they are finished their demo dates for the year... Seems kinda strange... Anyways, I'll try to find a local shop to demo them instead. Looking forward to demoing the Nordica's tomorrow and will report back.

Really looking forward to Fernie. I've skied Alta/Snowbird and Fernie sounds like the Canadian equivalent.
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Just as a followup to my own thread I was able to demo the Speed's on the weekend at local little hill and I've got to say the ski was exactly what I hoped it would be. It loved to go fast, edge to edge was nice and smooth and it held well on steep hard packed. Unfortunately the hill had no bump runs but after finding a few patrollers they pointed me to a glade that had a few bumps and fresh snow and the ski was just a blast at handling whatever I was throwing at it. No Firefox to demo and it sounds like a fab ski but I was really happy with the Speed (a million times better than the Victory for Quebec conditions). I found a deal for last year's version online and made the purchase. Skis should arrive in 10 days and can't wait to try them for real at Tremblant! As for Fernie, I'll be taking the Speed's with me and if we get a great dump I've already spoken to Top Shelf about demoing the Conquer!

Thanks to all for your advice...
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in fernie The Guides Hut and The Quest Outdoors should have demos of the Volkls and the Dynastars (assumingthey have some left)...
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