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Columbia is gone - RIP crew

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Yeah, this definitely sucks for the thousands of people connected to the space program or the crew and for the millions of people who had to wake up to news like that this morning. My school even had an experiment onboard. I wonder if they'll have to drop the whole experiment because of this.

Again, I pray for the families of the crew members and give thanks that no one on the ground seems to have been injured by the falling debris.


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Something sad this way comes. I wish the best to the families. But I must say that everytime the shuttle goes off, I am suprised we don't have more failures. That in itself is a testimonial to the hard work and careful engineering the folks at NASA put into each rocket ride. After all what is a rocket? A huge tube of some of the most dangerous and explosive compounds on Earth.

Prayers to all. Next time lets just do it better, and safer.

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condolences to all affected
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Yesterday was a sad day for the world. Perhaps the future will bring a new resolve to bring the world together for peace and exploration.

During an interview with a former shuttle commander, Richard Tauck, he was asked "what kind of people become astronauts?" He said that he has often been asked that question when addressing an audience. To answer the question he asks the audience, "Are there any skiers in the audience?" When a skier raises their hand, he says that they are similar to astronauts, "they are the risk-takers."

As skiers we are mountain explorers and some take more risks than others on the mountain.

I am thankful that some people are willing to take the risk and explore space. We must honor them and continue to support their exploration efforts.
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Hail Columbia!
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Well said Gladeator!

God Bless the crew of Columbia and their families.
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God Bless those affected by this terrible tragedy and the peaceful explorers that perished. No matter how many times we go into spoace, It will never be routine to blast human people away from the earth faster than a bullet into the most inhospitable environment within 93 million miles.
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