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Demo advice?

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I'm looking to buy a pair of skis and know absolutely nothing about them. I'm heading to Tahoe in a week and would like to demo a few different ones. I'm 24, m, 130 lbs, and 5'7". I enjoy skiing all types of terrain, usually ski pretty fast, and generally in skinny S shapes. When I'm with my family, we ski at North Star, and when I go with my friends, we go to Squaw.

On the 1-9 scale, I'm much closer to the 7 side between 7 and 8.
Level 1 First Time Skier, learn to stop
Level 2 Learn to turn in both directions using a wedge
Level 3 Explore the mountain using wedge turns
Level 4 Learn to match skis and skid turns
Level 5 Comfortably match skis and skid turns on advanced green terrain
Level 6 Ski open parallel turns on blue terrain
Level 7 Links turns on black terrain, working on technique in various snow conditions and carving blue terrain.
Level 8 Make parallel turns on black terrain and moguls with ease. Exploring extremes.
Level 9 Make dynamic parallel turns and ski double black diamonds

Any help you can throw at me would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the site.

You'll want to ski in the 155 to 165cm range. Your small. There are so many great skis out there, it's hard to tell you what you'll like. You could go to and check out most of the choices there.
I would think you'll want something with a 76 to 84 waist.
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