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Is 2 degrees off in alignment worth fixing? What is a fair price for a boot grinding cure?
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Two degrees is definitely worth fixing. If the measurement is correct, then this type of correction can have a dramatic effect on your skiing efficiency and consistency. Was the measurement taken after the upper cuff was adjusted for your legs physiology? Also, I would also want to have a footbed installed before taking the canting measurement.

If I were you, I would experiment with some duct tape or pre cut shims on the hill. Measurements taken in a static position @ your bootfitter can differ from your end correction.

If your boot can be planed, I would also have the bootfitter install lifter plates to protect the planed angle. (both boots)
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Thank you for the answer. I got the alignment checked at the suggestion of my instructor. I think the guy that did the check knew what he was doing, as he diagnosed one of my skiing frustrations without any prior knowledge of the same. Had my footbed in and he took some time to check the fit.
I was somewhat taken aback at the price of correction, I guess planing. Shims would be cheaper, but not for each pair of skis, and i guess its hard to shim an integrated binding.

What are lifter plates, if i may demonstrate my ignorance?
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Lifter plates are usually between 3mm to 8mm and get screwed to the sole of the toe and heel area of the shell. They are made of abs plastic or polyurethane. Used in different combinations, they produce different effects. After they are installed, the toe and heel lugs have to be routered in order to bring them back to DIN standards.
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You could also test your foot beds to see if there is a opportunity to cant inside the boot. Not so expensive and very powerful changes can be made there.

Check it out
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I had the boots planed, lifter plates installed, etc. The difference is indeed dramatic - it seems that the same input that used to skid a turn now cuts one. Money well spent - dividend is the grin factor. Thanks for the answers!
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