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Atomic 9.16 tuning question

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At the end of the 2001 season I bought a pair of Atomic 9.16. I skied the ski from the demo shop for 4 days prior. The skis from the demo shop performed great. Turned on a dime. When I finally got on my new 9.16's I would shift weight to make a turn and the downhill ski just kept going straight. No matter how much I would tilt my downhill knee in, it wouldn't (won't) turn. Do new skis need to be tuned or what?? Please help, it's driving me crazy. Thanks.
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There might be other problems, but I would first detune the skis. They come tuned, but they have to be detuned at the tips and tails. (Some prefer not to detune.) Sometimes shops forget to detune. Take a bastard file and take about three rolling, forward strokes at the tips from about 1/2 inch back from the contact point (snow to base)to the point of the ski, each side; and also do the same with the tails. Increase the 1/2 to about 1 to 1 1/2 for beginners and intermediates.
Draging your fingernail across the edges should take off a bit of fingernail (backside). Doing so across the detuned areas it shouldn't take off any.
Also, is the binding on that ski aligned correctly? Loose? Is the ski warped? have the shop lay the ski on a flat table. Does it lay flat or does it rock back and forth like my-sister-Kate? This may be the real cause! I had a set of old Heads once. One ski was flat- no camber left in it, the other was warped. They were a lot of 'fun' to ski!!! Full of surprises! They were fixable for $15, but that was back in the 60's-70's and they were metal skis.
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From what you describe, you seem to be in the back seat. Maybe the 9.16 you demoed originally had less than sharp edges (maybe even detuned tips/tails so that clients who demo them do not get in trouble). That is why perhaps you were able to turn them easier.

I hate to say this, but unless you are an expert or racer, these skis will be VERY demanding. I demoed them last year as well and it was immediately obvious that they demand aggressive riding at all times. They were way above my easy riding requirements.
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dfor, from what i've heard, skis that you just bought and opened the plastic wrapping on are not normally tuned up and at 100% skiable condition. you'll probably want to follow the above recommendation and take them into the shop to check them out.

also, the difference may not be the skis, but the bindings. when you demoed the skis you probably had different bindings. so the ski maybe the same, but a different binding may change the performance of the ski?
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Do you have the same binding on your skis, as the demo pair? Ramp angles vary from binding to binding, and can affect performance. Also, you may not have been ahead or behind the mounting point on the demo pair, and are now centered on your pair. Hopefully, it is just a tuning issue.
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The demos had the typical adjustable Atomic bindings. I now have the Atomic Race 310. Next time I go skiing (Tuesday??) I'll have the shop look at them and have them detuned. Thanks for the help.
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