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Atomic SX ti?

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As seen on ebay and various ski discounters sprinkled throughout the internet (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA:IT&ih=007)

Anyone ever heard of these? They're supposedly left over 06/07 skis, but I can't find any reviews or anything about them except ads from ski discounters selling them. They are going for $300 (+ shipping), new in shrinkwrap with 4tix 310 binding.

One of these told guys emailed me back and said they are similar to the older Atomic SX:9 (so does he mean when the SX:9 was more like the SX:10, not sure)

Anyway, the marketing schpeal that accompanies most of these ads states: (the comment below about mid-fat, the 175 cm and above is 72mm, the shorter lengths are 66mm)

The Atomic SX Ti is the ultimate all-around ski that easily masters all types of turns and terrain at all speeds. Easy to use, yet exciting at moderate to higher speeds.

The mid-fat waist allows great versatility on soft snow conditions.
  • Features:
  • Bindings: 4tix 310
  • 4tix track plate
  • Puls-ti
  • 4tix trackplate and Binding
  • B4 Race Profile
  • Fibreglass
  • UHMW electra graphite base
  • Dura Edge
  • 116/72/104
  • Brand new in the wrap with manufacturers warranty!
  • MSRP on this item is $849.99
So if this ski really is like the old SX:9, but with a bit wider waist, I might be very interested. But I just wish I had more info. Anyone heard of these b4?
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I saw those skis too and at $299 with the binding very enticing. I had a pair of 180 cm SX 9's a few years ago and it was a very good carving ski that was definitely not a noodle. If this SX Ti was the same construction and as stiff as the SX 9 I would buy it. It has more shape a wider waist making it a bit more versatile broader tip to pull you into the turn. It would be a great carving ski. I'd like to hear some feedback too. The fact that its construction has been compared to the SX 9 is a positive in my opinion.
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What is an Atomic SX Ti?

Bump - Tain't no Atomic dealers or sumthin' on this forum that know what this beasty is?
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From what I was able to suss out from friends in Austria (where the SX Ti was a mid-year introduction last year), it's somewhere between the old-school SX:9 and the newer, integrated binding SX:9. So it's close, but not quite, the SX:10 referred to earlier.
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Like most SMU skis, it shares graphics with a higher end ski, but construction and/or shape of a much lower end model. The closest model is the Metron 7 from last season.
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Thanks Betaracer. As usual the real inside scoop, proving once again if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
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Thanks guys for the info, but still confused, M7 is a beginer ski, while something between the SX:9 and SX:10 would be quite different. :

Finally figured out what SMU means (Special Make Up, different top sheet to remarket an existing ski with unique name/graphics).

SX Ti is a new ski they marketed in Austria, so is this eBay ski basically an M7 that they put new graphics on (to LOOK like the new, presumably higher end ski marketed in Austria) to sell through large US retailers? Or is it the same actual ski they marketed in Austria (that some Austrians said was kinda like an SX:9/SX:10)?

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