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Challenge: Which Ski for Guests?

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I have been pondering the acquisition of a pair of skis or two to be mounted with demo bindings that could be easily adapted to use for guests. I have a lot of friends/neighbors that are occasional skiers (boarders, old school, etc) that ask me if they can borrow a pair of skis. Also, I'm thinking these are the kind of thing that you could leave around the condo in case you have unexpected guests who are regular skiers but don't have skis with them.

So here is the challenge. Which ski or skis would you buy as sort of an all round ski for guests to borrow? The skis should be flexible enough to work ok for an intermediate, but also be fun to ski for the better skier. Also, they should be in a size that would ok for various heights and weights by shooting for the median. Finally, they should work well in a variety of conditions and snow types ( but not necessarily the one ski quiver). Along these lines, it might make sense to actually have two pair, one for carving and one for all mountain/powder, what are your thoughts on this? Finally, we would accept nominations from older ski types since we don't necessarily need the latest graphics, but the skis should still be new school.
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One of those cheap PEs from SAC would be a good cheap choice.
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My guest skis are K2 PEs. I was looking for something easy to ski that had decent powder & off-piste performance. I was not concerned about ice performance since I rarely take guests skiing if it is icy.
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I have a a used pair of dynastar 8000 (2005 or 2006) in 172 i am ready to part with. 30 to 40 ski days.

let me know if you are interested and i can send specifics.
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Hands down the Rossignal B3 in a 176cm. They are the perfict combination for a do it all ski. Powder to hardpack and everything inbetween! They turn easy enough for a womon thats a intermediate even a biginer would lear fast with these! You can find them cheaper now because of the new BSquared and reshape of the 3. Id say to keep on a budget a couple pair mounted on axial 2,s would run on ebay for 225-250 each complete for 06-07,s. http://www.sportsoutletusa.com/prodd...ANDITB3FATUSED
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Hate to say it but get somethign with system bindings like a Nordica HotRod ish ski.
Those bindings are easy to adjust.
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Anything cheap on SAC. The 8000's and PE's show up regularly as well as some female specific K2's.
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170cm Fischer AMC 73

These come with Railflex bindings that can be easily adjusted. New can be found for $290. Easy to use but will deliver good performance.

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you're pretty much going to be limited to something with a demo or system binding. you could probably throw some tyrolia railflex bindings on a pair of public enemies and have a good all around ski. or if you want to go with 2 skis for different conditions, fischer rx8 is a great groomer ski and comes with the railflex binding, and a b3, legend 8800, or even a gotama for an all conditions type ski, though i'm not sure i would want to put a railflex plate on any of those.
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