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Salomon Integral Equipe Powerl Lock Canting System

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My boots are 12 years old and I love them. However, the last time I went skiing, my friend suggested that they be canted. The boots have a Powerlock adjustment slotted screw on both sides of the boot ankle but these do not do anything as near as I can tell except to control the forward and backward lean of the boot (which is not adjustable at all) but permits the boot to lean forward and back about a quarter inch. In other words, Salomon might as well have riveted the powerlock mechanism to the boot-the screws permit no adjustments. Am I correct
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canted boot plates where avail for that boot in 1989.


CANT (1)The angle of boot bottom with ski viewed from the front. (2) The lateral angle of the boot in relation to the ski; often confused with cuff-alignment (the adjustment of cuff angle). Boots can be canted inward or outward, usually by grinding the sole at an angle, to give a skier better access to all four ski edges.
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johnwharper welcome to epic

if you unscrew that screw completly there are three hole options which allow the ajustments that you are talking about. this allows the boot cuff to be aligned to your leg...canting as mntlion has pointed out is somehting which go on under the boot either be means of planing or shimming of the boot sole
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Salomon Inetegral Equipte Powerlock Canting System

Thank you mtnlion and Colin for your responses. This is why I am confused. I previously and then agian after your response, Colin, unscrewed the screw completely and there is only one screw hole-hence my thinking that there is no adjustment that could be made but I still wondering why Salomon did not just rivet the dang thing!
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the one you have is one of the models either before or after the adjustable ones...the ones i had [in the dim and distnt past] had 3 holes on each side which gave the shaft a masive range of adjustment

the reason they did not rivet it is that the same parts cover many models and if you have a screw in part on one boot, the only thing they had to change beween your one and the adjustable ones is the back plate of the unit...all about production

at 12 years old, i promise you technology has moved on you deserve a new shiny pair of boots set up with footbeds and balanced for you

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IIRC, some of these models came with a "goodie" bag which included the "one" hole inserts. The three hole insert was initially installed on the boot and you could choose which one you wanted to install. I can remember seeing some of these floating around the shop many moons ago.... I think the single hole insert had a slightly different centering of the hole....I think....oooh my brain hurts from remembering that long ago.....

Get new boots......
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Thank you all for your input. I do like this site! And I would like some new boots as well! Even if I had the 3 hole inserts, I can't really imagine how changing which holes I screw into would serve as a canting mechansim -wouldn't the degree of canting left/right or right/left change as I change my forward amount of lean? I am looking for a final excuse to buy new. Thanks again.
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