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Binding Block for Salomon Bindings...

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Hi there all, I am new to the forum, so will give a little info about me first... I am a 29 year old Quadriplegic from Orem, UT, who has learned to mono-ski up at the National Abilities Center's ski center at Park City Mountain. I am a C6/T9 injury level, and ski in my own Praschberger Monoski. In the 2 years I have been skiing since my return after my injury, I have gained enough experience and ability back that I have been asked to instruct next year should i choose. Well anyways, I was skiing on a Volkl P50 that I had gotten with my bucket, and it was a good ski, no issues. Finally I bent the core, just in front of the race plate, so this year it was time for some replacement skis. I went and shopped intensively, and talked with probably 30 different people, both able bodied, and disabled skiers alike. Finally I found the skis I wanted, and so I got them. They are the Salomon X-Wing Fury's, 172cm. These seem to me to be the best ski I have ever skied on. I do have a few issues though. All of the new skis being made include the race plates / mount plates for the bindings for the manufacturers own bindings. While this is good for them it sucks for us, as it means that for anyone in a monoski, we either have to get the race stock skis from the maker at a huge cost, in order to get a ski stiff enough with high enough DIN bindings. Well my new Fury's have the highest bindings you can mount on there, and they are a 12 DIN. I have them cranked down, and have yet to eject, however I know its just a matter of time. The program that I ski with uses Poly blocks with pins thru them to keep the back of the Salomon bindings on their program skis from coming loose. When I asked where I could get one of them, they said that they had theirs custom made, however, they had seen that someone offered them for sale someplace (they couldnt remember where), and that I should check the web. After some extensive searching, I have been unable to locate anyone who sells these blocks openly on a website. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Also, in regards to the pinning the front, I know that I need to remove the screw, and insert a dowel or tube in there, but again, have yet to be able to find out any specifics as to how big, how long, what diameter, hollow or solid, etc. I wish someone would make a site specifically for this kind of tech info with detailed very close up photos. I have seen the info on the sitski site, and it was not of much help to me, and with the bindings on my skis. Can anyone shed some light here for me?

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You might want to check with Spokes 'n Motion http://www.spokesnmotion.com/ They may be able to help you.
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Greetings UTAHQUAD! I ski a kbg monoski. I use a Salomon S920 binding. I'm able to crank it down to 20 din. You can pick up a block for the heel @ http://www.yetti-radventures.com. Their phone # is (971) 219-4897. You can replace the spring in the toe piece with a solid dowel. I use a wood dowel the diameter of the spring. You'll have to play with the length a little, but not a big deal. I don't use the heel block and have only ejected once and it wasn't pretty. If your binding is a 12 din I'd make sure to get the block. If I can be of any assistance please let me know!!
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As of right now Yetti is the only place selling blocks but you have to call or email them, they don't really doa good job of advertising them. I use a piece of 1/2" EMT pipe in the front of my Salomans. I think its about 1 1/2" long but you can just measure the length of the screw. The ski company plates are a pain but I use Fischer race skis and have had no trouble mounting Salomans to them. Atomic had given me some skis but putting the Saloman bindings on ripped them apart. You shouldn't have to pay retail for skis if you are going to be teaching, somebody in whatever organization you work with should be able to get you a deal on skis. Another option is to look for last years race skis. I picked up a pair of Fischer race skis for $400 this season at a local shop.

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