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Surefoot vs. Instaprint Modifications - Bergeron Format

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Not realizing the Bergeron Thread is closed, I had prewritten this in his format, but would be happy for any knowledgeble boot fitters or others to weigh in on this post. Thanks, Sierraski.

Background: male skier, 39, 205lbs, 5’-10”, Level 7+, skied throughout my teens, but stopped after my move from Toronto to Miami, and did not start back again until my mid-30’s. Living in Miami I only get 1 ski trip a year. Like groomers, soft bumps, & some trees. Don’t prefer to ski big moguls or really steep, but will do it from time to time.

Helpful Measurements:
Foot Length 267
Forefoot 107mm
Heel 66mm
Ankle 257mm
Calf 419 mm

Last year I purchased Lange Fluid 80 FR boots, size 26.5 at a great shop in Whistler. The shell fits as it should with 1-2 fingers at the back when toes touch the front. I skied for three days with unbelievable pain, primarily the entire underside of the foot and numb 4th and 5th (pinkie) toes. The guys made many tweaks, punches and other adjustments including an off the shelf replacement insole, but I did not get meaningful relief from the pain. And this was debilitating pain.

I will be in Steamboat in Feb. and want to get custom footbeds and possibly liners if necessary. I called both Surefoot (at the foot of the hill, 2 min walk from lift, 5 min walk from my lodgings) and the highest recommended bootfitter which happens to be downtown, One Stop Ski Shop (3 mile bus/taxi ride).

I know a good fit is relative to the fitter doing the work, but since my trips are infrequent and short, I want comfort as I don’t get enough time on the slopes to deal with much break-in. I called both shops and spoke to the lead bootfitters who would do the work for me. I just want to ski with minimal pain, which I did not experience in my teens/early 20’s with some Nordica, rear entry, pump system’s I had at the time.


1 Are these Lange’s the right boot for my foot measurements?
2 What are your thoughts on the Surefoot system (semi-weight bearing) vs. One Stop’s use of the Insta-print system (non-weight bearing)?
3 I am after comfort and as quickly as possible. Will one system work better to provide almost immediate comfort than the other?
4 The convenience of Surefoot’s location relative to the hill/my lodgings vs. One Stop’s trek into town is a factor considering the short duration of my trip, but I am after the best fit and comfort I can get and want to make the right choice to that end. I will continue my annual boys ski trip and don’t want to spend it getting my boots tweaked.Thanks
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sierraski, welcome to epic hope we can help you, my first thoughts would be that the Lange being a 100mm width in the boot you have is possibly a little narrow for you, try puting your foot in the empty shell as you did for the shell check, centre your foot front to back, and lift the front of your foot a little so you can pivot on the heel, ...how much space do you have side to side?? a simple punch of the shell may be all that is required.

as for footbeds i favour non weightbearing inserts but different inserts work well for different people...it is not so much the type of product but a lot to do with the guy who is making it for you! from my location i do not know of the fitters at either of the stores you mention, someone may well be along soon who can suggest who may do the better job or even suggest another store altogether

Good luck
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CEM - as you suggested I checked the lateral movement on my forefoot, but seemed to have a bit of room there - my guess is 1/2 finger's space. Perhaps some of the punches that were done gave me the space in the shell I needed.

Thanks for you input, and happy to hear any other thoughts.
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