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Hi all y'all,

My husband and I have a heliski trip booked Jan. 11-18 at Galena Lodge, CMH, in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia. We are looking for two people who would like to take this trip in our place. Galena has the most difficult skiing of the CMH lodges, mostly steep trees and some glacier skiing. Check it out at

My dad is having surgery that week, and I'd rather not be in a remote lodge with only a radiophone for communication.

If you are a skier who is 1) fit, 2) expert, 3) likes tree skiing, 4) would enjoy skiing with other first-rate skiers, 5) has an understanding or willing partner, 6) has a flexible schedule and adequate funds, and 7) wants to circumvent the usual lengthy registration process and enjoy CMH's most exclusive hell-bent-for-leather heli-ski experience, then this is a rare opportunity.

I must stress that only strong skiers would enjoy this trip. CMH provides skis and poles--Volkl Explosivs and K2 AK-Launchers, Goode poles. The accommodations are very comfortable and the food and wines are outstanding.

PM me if interested ASAP.