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Thule Favor

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Can someone with a 4-pr flat top Thule, 724, 91724 measure the inside
and outside dimensions of the carrier for me? I'm particularly
interested in how long the inside space is to accommodate the skis,
i.e., I'm wondering just how many of my ski pairs it will carry.
Thank you in advance for the effort. Wish the manufacturers provided
schematic diagrams with dimensions.
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724 - 15.75" length on the rubber on the inside. 22" outside.
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Great, Judge. Thanks for your efforts!
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Damn, It must be getting late..I read "Thule Flavor". I was thinking "Kinda sweet with a rich nutella aftertaste"
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Let me do you a huge favor: Unless you like looking like a Texan and using bindings that no longer work, buy a damn box.
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