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Can my wife get by with junior eqipment?

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Hi all,

My wife and I are just getting back into skiing after a 10 year hiatus, and are trying to put together an inexpensive set for her. She is 5'1" at 115 lbs and is probably an intermediate level. She is not terribly aggressive on the slopes. She has modern adult women's boots, size 7 but needs skis and bindings.

We were recently given a pair of Head Monster 140 skis (parabolics) with junior bindings. The DIN on the bindings only goes up to 4.5 max. The guy at the ski shop cautioned us against using those bindings because my wife would need a DIN of 5 and they wouldn't want to crank it up any higher than what it is built for. I checked here though (http://ski.terrymorse.com/din.html) and it appears she comes in at 4.25.

They also suggested that the skis were junior skis as well and may not be appropriate. I have no way to tell if they are juniors or not by looking at them.

My thoughts are that a 115 lb intermediate skier is the same whether they are 13 or 36, but then again, I don't know that much about this stuff.

Is the guy at the shop being honest, or is he just trying to push us to buy new equipment from him? Of course, my wife's safety comes first, but my money comes in a close second.

Thanks for any and all replies!
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What I have always been told is that if someone is below 100lbs, jr stuff is fine. Over that, and no way.

That said, she might be able to use jr skis, but I'd make sure she had adult boots, and adult intermediate type bindings, because thats the part thats a safety issue.

But then again, why would you want to? Sure, you might be able to find stuff cheaper, but adult gear is WAY better.

I know you already have the stuff, but just bite the built and get her new bindings. Adult boots in kids bindings is a safety no no, even if the din range will work.
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Careful, the info at terry morse is outdated. It is stated on the DIN chart he publishes.
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Thanks, guys, for the clarification.

I forgot to mention that my father also has a number of older straight skis kicking around with very good adult bindings on them (Look, Marker, Tyrolia). Probably about 10 to 12 years old. Could I just have the shop put these adult bindings on the "junior" skis and have an acceptable setup?

If it truly calls for it, we'll spend the money, but if we're already sitting on usable components, I'd hate to miss out on an opportunity to save a bit of cash.

Again, thanks in advance!
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There is a list of bindings that the manufacturers stand behind. I varies with age. Itis called the indemnification list. Unless the binding is on that list, no shop will touch it.

IMO, she needs to demo before you do anything. Then check ebay or the internet shops.

If you "save a bit of cash" here, you may end up saving a whole ton of cash later -- when you don't have to buy her a lift ticket ever because your wife learns to hate skiing because of the junk she owns.

If you are serious about this, and eventually want to go on ski holidays, the cost of equipment will be the cheapest part of the sport. Splurge here, and demo before you buy. It is worth it.
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look here, but act quickly...

There's only one left. $199 skis and integrated bindings, free shipping from a very reputable dealer (and frequent poster on epic)
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While its probably ok for your wife to ski on jr skis, they will likely hold her back from advancing. I would not recommend that you go down that road.

There are great deals on women specific skis, which you should seek out.
The link listed by dp is a great option.
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