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Can Watea skis use Railflex bindings...?

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I was talking to a local shop today about the Fisher Watea skis...
They have the 84/94 flat for a really good price...
I want to put the Tyrolia Raliflex bindings on them...
They said that can not be done, they said they are used for integrated ski/binding systems only...
I thought you could mount the railflex plate on any ski..
Is this true or not...
I would really like this option, to move the binding +/- 15mm is a real asset...
The ski shop did not even carry the railflex binding as an optional binding...
Would the Railflex be a good binding for the Watea...or should a different binding be used...
Does anybody know of a shop that sells the railflex binding...
How hard is it to mount the binding to a ski...
Any one know of a GOOD shop in Denver that can do this...
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I have a similar related issue. I have an extra set of Railflex plates and several sets of skis with Railflex bindings but I can't find a ski shop with a jig to mount the plate on my flat skis. Railflex can certainly fit any flat ski but evidently Tyrolia did not expect to sell many like this.
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Originally Posted by rspacher View Post
How hard is it to mount the binding to a ski...
Ridiculously easy. The holes are the same for all boots.
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I thought a special jig was needed...

I also thought the shop had no idea what they were talking about...
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But can a DIY kind of person mount the railflex plate at home...CORRECTLY...
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It definitely can be done. Here are the instructions on how to do it (scroll down to page 26): http://www.tyrolia.com/certification...al.english.pdf
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I saw this post and also recently got my hands on the Watea 94s. My question is whether there is any downside to the railflex system on this ski which is meant to be my soft snow/powder ski?

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I've also bought skis and the Railflex II bindings and had problems finding a store that would mount them in town. Edgeworks mounted them and I never had any problems, so I would recommend them.

I've used railflex bindings on the last 3 skis I've bought (including the superwide Icelantics) and they've performed great. If you do get the railflex system, I would recommend adjusting the binding back 15mm (super easy adjustment) for powder/speed, it made a noticeable difference and everything felt more stable and gave a little more lift for powder.
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It is actually quite flexy. Arguably, the only downside for a powder ski is the increased stand height. It is nice that they come with a decent selection of brakes - up to 115 I believe. BUT - be sure you get the right kind of brake as the railflex bindings can not use non-railflex brakes (unless there's been a recent change).

I'm a fan of this year's RFD 14 which is a nice beefy binding and has totally pain free sole length adjustment vs the PITA plastic tabs on the prior railflex generation.

As for forward or back -- that'll depend on you and the ski. But the option is indeed nice.
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Thanks for that info...

I have never heard of Edgeworks..

Will definitely keep that name on hand...

Good shops are hard to find..
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I'll back up the above comments. The rails can be mounted on any flat skis. Compared to some bindings, they add a little stand height, but that can be a good thing. Yes, not all wide Tyrolia brakes work with all bindings. You have to make sure it is a correct match. Also be sure to match the bindings with the rails. I have standardized on the Railflex I across 5 skis. The Railflex II has a slightly different design and the bindings are not interchangeable.

If you can't find a dealer, you can put the rails on by yourself if you are handy with tools.

Having the rails are great for 3 reasons. One, it is much easier to travel on planes: one binding can fit on 3 skis. Two, you can change the mount easily for different conditions; park vs. powder for example. And it is very easy to swap skis with someone else. It is a very quick adjustment.
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Any Tyrolia or Head (ski) shop should have a Railflex jig. We use it all the time, as the iM78 comes flat, w/o a plate mounted. Why a reputable shop wouldn't know have a jig or an idea how to mount it, I have no idea. Maybe the same shop that tells customers to leave wax on the base of the skis, as they will run faster that way (mostly because the tech didn't feel like putting in a little elbow grease to scrape and brush)?

You can do it yourself, using a paper template, if you have the plates already. Most of the Watea 94's I have sold were equipped with Railflex: it gives a bit more stand height for extra leverage on-piste, and makes the binding adjustable for multiple users or multiple boot positions.
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Rspacher- Edgeworks is on Broadway at the intersection of (I think) 8th. They also know what they are doing with AT bindings.
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Here is a complete how-to from the TGR site:

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Make sure you see my note over on that TGR thread; the author left out one very important step.

I have mounted 3-4 RF plates using only the plate as the template to mark the holes. Very simple to do.

I happen to like the RF bindings a lot, but I do not like the extra stand height on wide skis because it makes them feel clumsy underfoot to me. So I tend to mount flat on anything over about 80mm waist. On a 94mm waist ski, the extra stand height has a minimal effect on edging anyhow.
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Adjustable Mount Positions

Are there any other options besides railflex to be able to easily change mount positions without giving the extra stand height (or minimizing it)?

I know that many of you seem to prefer a flat mount for wide powder skis...is there also a disadvantage to the stand height from a railflex for park use of a ski like the K2 Public Enemy as it would really seem to make this a much more versitile ski if you could change mount positions easily?

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I have Tyrolia SP 130 demo bindings on my Monsters. These have the "Race" toe and a 13 DIN, basically a demo Mojo 15. Nice binding but hard to find.
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I also just did a railflex mount on a pair of K2 PE's. It was pretty easy and I describe the steps in detail in another thread here.

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Originally Posted by MEfree30 View Post
Are there any other options besides railflex to be able to easily change mount positions without giving the extra stand height (or minimizing it)?
The primary alternative is adjustable (rental or demo) bindings. Those also increase stand height vs a flat mount -- perhaps not quite as much, but within a few millimeters. And although there are variations among brands (Look/Rossi is probably the best), all rental/demo bindings introduce more slop in the interface than the Railflex.

I believe that there are also EssVar-derived Atomic bindings with a sliding mount point, but I understand that those also increase stand height and are heavy.

There's no perfect solution, but Railflex seems like a pretty damned good compromise, particularly if you have any interest in using a single pair of bindings on multiple skis. If I had to fly to ski, I'd probably mount all my skis with Railflex.
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Thanks...I rented a pair of Dynastar Big Troubles this afternoon and thought it was nice to be able to move the rental binding back a bit (although I didn't think it made a huge difference) and didn't mind the extra height (although I have nothing to compare it to as this was my first time on this (or any 80+ mm waist) ski.

Will post a review of the ski separately, but enjoyed it overall.
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It's all kind of a moot point now...
The skis WITH the Railflex RFD 12, should be here Saturday...
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