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Youtube ski reviews

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Do you folks put a lot of credence in the Youtube ski reviews or are they just company hacks for their products. I posted yesterday about looking for a good intermediate ski - say level 5/6 - with growth potential, saw one of you fellas list a group of skis that would fit my criteria (in someone else's post - i got just one hit which is ok) - anyway, they were raving about the Fischer red Heat. So, how do you guys view these type of reviews and any info on this ski?
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What I do is compare the reviews to my own experience and use that to judge the quality of the reviewer. The subscriber's reviews from realskiers.com seem pretty good. PS they give a good review to the Red Heat.
What youtube reviews?
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I just searched "ski review" and he brand and it pulls up all reviews for a specific brand, then sort thru for the ski you are looking for.
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I did see the reviews on realskier - perhaps the only intermediate ski (being 6/7 as opposed to 7/8) in their rating that they give high marks to at all speeds - slow & fast.
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By the way - does anyone know which line the Fischer Red Heat is aiming at replacing or tweking?
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