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Hey there: I've been trying to set up a pair of Dobermann GSRs for over 2 months now. First, the plates' mounting screws overlapped with my bindings' heel screws (but that's a different rant best saved for a differnt thread). Now, after trying to mount a pair of Tyrolia Free-Flex, both plates cracked (from the rear heel screw out to the edge of the plate). and !

After a month of haggling, Nordia was generous enough to send me two replacement heel plates (leaving me with the toe plates, drilled for the Tyrolia). After I got the replacements, I ran into a Nordica reps' brother (reliable source, I know ) who told me these plates have been having all kinds of problems. I'll try to mount these again, but I certainly don't want them breaking in two when I'm skiing - that'd be real bad news. If anyone has had any difficulties with Nordia plates, please let me know!!!

Thanks a bunch!