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Sorry, no pics. I was solo and the camera battery was dead.

I was dreading the conditions given the meltdown last week. It snowed about 2" in Ballston Spa last night and it seemed less as I headed north.

I pulled into the parking lot at 8:45 and was on the gondola at 9:00.

In short, it was pretty damn good and much better than I expected. About 3-4 inches of fluff over a very firm base. On the upside, all bare spots were well-marked and there weren't that many. Downside was any natural snow trail was not open because there was nothing under the overnight fluff. There weren't too many people there and the conditions stayed good all day.

I skied Twister, Showcase, Uncas, Top Knot, Chatiemac, Hawkeye, Open Pit and Fair View today. I expect Top Ridge to be open tomorrow as they were blowing a lot of snow on it today.

They were blowing all day to get ready for the holiday weekend.

Kudos to Gore for a quick recovery. Now if they would only drop the ropes on Lies.

I skied on Nordica After Burners today...I thought about hauling out my Dynamic VR17 Slaloms today as I expected much icier conditions. I'm damn glad I skied the AB's. They were pretty amazing in these conditions.

Will be skiing Thursday and Friday as well. More snow expected on Friday. Should be a good weekend except for the crowds.

Maybe some photos tomorrow.