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Hey whats up everyone! I have one quick question. Do boots really make that huge a difference? I have good skis, poles, and some other gear thats pretty good, but my boots are rock solid, plastic (atomic I think) boots that are at least 20 years old (literally.) I am only 14, so I feel bad about buying 600 dollar boots when I will grow out of them soon. I feel fine and turn well in my boots, but I have never tried any other boots so I don't know how to tell if they actually feel "good." So... are good boots necassary?
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Boots are THE singlemost important piece of gear. Don't take this to mean that your current boots aren't any good, because they may be fine. I just wanted to emphasize how important boots are. I think they are also the most overlooked piece of gear.
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You can ski in lousy boots, just like you could drive a car if you only turned the steering wheel with a bungee cord.
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Why do you need 600 boots? I'd go into thinking about what's better than your current boots. You'll probably be surprised how much better just buying a modern boot will help. It doesn't have to cost $600. Look for last years boots...
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Your 20 year old boots could be just fine too.
Do you flex them through their range when skiing?
Can you move your foot without moving the boot?
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