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Kitzbuehel 15-20 Jan

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It's the biggie this week - the Hahnenkamm Downhill - keep the press coming.

8 of the first 9 guys in today's training were 30 yrs old or more.

From SkiRacing.com today:

Kitzbuehel: Cuche wins first training run Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Didier Cuche claimed the first timed training for the famed Hahnenkamm Downhill, set for Kitzbuehel, Austria Saturday, Jan. 19 on a course even more difficult than usual.
The Swiss veteran, currently leading the downhill standings by a single point, decimated the field, topping Austria's two-time downhill winner Michael Walchhofer by more than a second, but said conditions were brutal.
"The course conditions are incredibly brutal this year," Cuche said. "When you are at the start you wonder how it is possible to get down that icy and bumpy slope. I can't remember a tougher run here. ... You are just happy to be heathy when you cross the finish.
His assessment was echoed by training partner Marco Buechel who finished at the opposite end of the result sheet. Granted a rerun because the skier before him skied off course, Buechel decline the opportunity.
"I'm not crazy enough to start twice on the same day here," he said. "I'm too old for this kind of joke and it is way too tough this year because it is bumpy."
Buechel took over seven minutes to track down the infamous Streif course, normally raced at about two minutes, but said he preferred these conditions to those after a snowfall when all is smooth.
"This will be a race for real men here on Saturday if the weather doesn't change," he said.
Didier Defago of Switzerland was third, Christoph Gruber of Austria fourth and Bode Miller, the winner last weekend of the Lauberhorn downhill, was fifth 1.84 seconds behind Cuche.
Other U.S. skiers were Marco Sullivan in 16th, Steven Nyman tied for 17th, Scott Macartney 46th and Ted Ligety 47th.
Erik Guay led the Canadians in 22nd place. Two more training runs are set for Wedneday and Thursday with a super G Friday, the downhill Saturday, a slalom and combined Sunday. -Patrick Lang contributed to this story.
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Conditions are looking very bad. Could we have another cancellation in store?
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Real men....lol, I love it. Say that in the USA and you will have every PITA celebrity, activist, and wanna-be complaining for the next year, then congress will get involved and.....sad.
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Two skiers already broke their legs in training and Marco Sullivan also fell and is reconsidering competing.
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