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GS type jacket

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Hey guys,
I'm looking for a coat type thing (I know specific, right) to use on training days or when I'm lazy. I'm a bigger guy, if that matters. An example would be the Descente Protector Jacket (
I'm also looking at a stealth top.
Any other options?? Cheaper ones?
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Stealth Top / Race Top

I use the Beyond X stealth top which has eliminated the arm/lat bruises with the 8mm padding.

I had ordered it from Artechski but Artechski doesn't seem to carry it anymore. However, there is a Spyder stealth padded race top which looks similar. If you are looking for local Spyder retailers try the Find in store link at

I didn't order the Descente race top because the padding seemed to be thinner and is just long straight strips from shoulder to wrist instead of contoured sections which seem to articulate better.
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The "stealth" top is really intended to go under your suit, if you have only a DH suit instead of a GS one. For training, I've got to figure that Descente jacket would be more comfortable (unless you're one of those perfectionists / exhibitionists who trains in his suit). Then again, I've never actually seen it, except in online photos, so who knows? At least it's intended for the purpose you want to use it for.

Cheaper alternatives include just wearing a coat and sufficiently bulky clothes that they pad you, or a retro eBay find, like an old-fashioned Spyder (or other brand) slalom sweater or shirt with those big, honking pads that run all the way from shoulder to wrist.
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