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Mont Ste Anne / Le Massif Lift Ticket Deals and Taxes?

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Does anyone know where the best spot to get lift tickets for Mont Ste Anne and Le Massif? I'll be there Feb 2-4.

Otherwise, does anyone know what the tax on the lift tickets is? The websites post their "pre-tax" rates.
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Still no response?

I guess that's why there are never any lift lines! Everyone else is skiing in Vermont!
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I will be up there the end of March.
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I don't know where to find any deals, but the GST is now at 5% and The QST is another 7.5% on top of that, so you can do the math from there.
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Do both taxes apply? I think in Ontario you only pay GST.

Phil, have you been before? How do you find it compared to Sugarbush, Stowe, and Killington? I've only been to Jay Peak in VT and found it a bit of a disappointment compared to Le Massif and Mont Ste Anne. I hear so much about the other resorts in these forums and would like to try them, but I worry they will be lesser mountains with longer lineups.
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I made it up to Mont sainte Anne last February. Big mountain. I would say the bump runs down the front are comparable in steepness, with and length to Sugarbush and Stowe. Neither of them really has those broad , steep, sweeping groomers Sainte Anne has. However, I think each of them has some slightly harder expert terrain. Jay Peak is a completely different mountain. The trails are mostly so so. You go for the snow and the glades and tree skiing. If Sainte Anne was lacking anything it was glade skiing. There was some. just not a lot, not as extensive and not with that in the thick of the woods feeling you can get at Jay.

Sainte Anne, is a big, beautiful mountain with something for everyone. There were no crowds, at all, last President's week. They were not even charging holiday rates, though I understand that may be changing.

Oh, and they have an excellent lift system too.

Sadly, I didn't make it to Le Massif. I know what you are going to say, "It's bigger and steeper." I say, "Good reason to get back up there!"

Can you get a tax refund when you come back into the states?
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Not to take anything away from Mont Ste Anne, but I did find Le Massif bigger, with longer, more winding, and more exciting runs. I think Le 42 at Le Massif might take the edge on steepness between the two as well, but there may be more double blacks at MSA.

When at Mont Ste Anne, did you hit Le Gondaleuse (the run under the gondala)? The upper part of that is pretty hairy. I also found some of the double blacks of the southwest triple chair to be pretty good too.

Last time I was there, they had a border cross type run set up on one of the night skiing runs. That was kind of a fun discovery... especially while they were setting off fireworks, for some anniversary celebration they were having.

I'm sure you can get a tax refund when you go back... you have to save your receipts though which may or may not be a pain. If I'm not mistaken, you'll need to stop at Customs. (Can anyone confirm?)
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I didn't bother stopping last year coming into VT on 91, but in year's past I have stopped at the customs counter in the duty free shop coming back into NY from Tremblant. It was very easy/hassle free. Just save receipts. I think you can pick up a form and mail it in, but stopping was easy. They give you a receipt you then turn in at the store's cash register and get cash. I believe the intent is to get you to buy stuff there.

I did ski that bump run directly under the Gondola and all the ones around it too. It sounds like Le Massif's steeps are closer in style to Sugarbush and Stowe's: steep, narrow, windy. Not that Le Gondaleuse was wide or anything. It was a long, steep, straight shot, very bumpy, and with great snow when I was there about a week after last year's Valentines day storm.
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Try Costco - they often have deals on lift tickets. Both are great hills, but I give the nod to Massif as more fun.
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Hate to say it cause it's too late to cash in this year but for anyone who is looking ahead to next year (or finds this in a search later on): Le Massif had a deal on multi-day passes if you bought before November 30. If I recall correctly the pricing was $128 for a 4-day adult pass; $100 for a teen 4-day.
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I am considering a weeklong trip to Quebec by car for next year and was looking into skiing in the Eastern Townships, Tremblant, and/or Mont Ste Anne and Le Massif. Regarding weather and crowds (spring/school breaks), when would it be advisable to go? Thanks for any input and for putting up with the threadjack.
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i went during president's week (feb school vaca) two years ago and will return this year. that week was totally clear up in the quebec city - after carnival (earlier feb) and i think before canadian school breaks.

if i recall correctly the different provinces (or perhaps different regions w/in same province) stagger their vacation weeks so the crowds don't mass up in a single peak week as they do in the northeast u.s.

hopefully you'll hear from someone local though as these are my dim impressions, not to be confused with actual facts
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President's week last year hardly anyone there. I've been to Tremblant mid-March and it was jammed. The Canadian provinces stagger their breaks throughout March, so mid Feb. when the eastern U.S. areas are jam-packed and extra pricey is the perfect time to take a drive north of the border.
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Thanks for the advice so far...
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tremblant during the pres week is not too bad. i normally ski mon-thurs during that week and on monday the line can be pretty bad especially at the base for the gondola, but crowd moves out by tuesday. the weather can be 50/50. it can be really cold in mid-feb. i've been there 4 years in a row only during the pres week and on some days, we couldn't get more than 3-4 runs the whole day cause it was so cold.

i found MSA much less crowded. not the same ambiance, though. my wify definitely digs tremblant 100 X more.

have heard great things about Le Masif. it's on my list.
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Tremblant is a great place for romance or for family vacations. A decent mountain but not in the same league skiing-wise as Ste Anne. When there during March break there were crowds for the Gondola around 10AM. If we got on the hill early lines were not bad all day. Except for coming back from the north side in the afternoon. Restaurants, however, were jammed and you had to make reservations well in advance. La Source was also extremely crowded in the evening. This was during Ontario's school break.
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Where I'm from, most people who want to go to a big mountain choose Tremblant as their default destination... without realizing there are better 'skiing' options. I think thats the main difference between the crowds at Tremblant and MSA.

Most people aren't as hardcore as us Bears, so the Tremblant village and the fact that its way easier to get to from Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto makes the difference.
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I have not heard of any locations for discounts but sometimes you can find tickets on ebay.  Expect at least 15% tax to cover the gst and pst taxes.  You may even find a resort tax of another few percent if they are anything like Tremblant, QC. 

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