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Northern Vermont This Weekend

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A couple of us are driving out from Detroit and staying in Burlington... Any thoughts as to were we should ride... I'm thinking it will be a bit crowded at Stowe.

JayPeak is a positive but that leaves 2 more days...

Any Help would be greatly appreciated....

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Stowe can get pretty crowded on the weekends, as most everybody is riding either the Forerunner Quad or the gondola.

You could always head a little south to Sugarbush -- it's more spread out, more lifts "worth riding", etc.

Note that there's pretty much zero reason for skiing at Jay unless the trees are in good shape. i.e., their open trails aren't all that great. Given the thaw / refreeze cycle we just endured here in New England, I'm not sure how "great" things are in the woods right now.

There is another storm system moving on on Friday -- you might want to check snowfall totals and head out accordingly on Saturday.
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Some good advice above such as Sugarbush to avoid the crowds. I would also think about Smuggs or Bolton if it snows on Friday as they will have fewer people than Stowe.

Driving from Detroit, I'm impressed.
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You might be suprised re: crowds at Stowe. The Forerunner is pretty much crowded fron 10-12 on Saturday, probably Sunday too. Whne it is crowded there are other lifts to ride if you don't want to wait. I'm not really clear on how Jay has the uncrowded rep because they are claiming over 400,000 skier visits last year, while Stowe was at 340,000 and has more lifts. i haven't been to Sugarbush on a weekend since 1992 or so, so no comment on that.
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I was at Stowe over the holiday week. Crowds were never a problem. Maybe a 10mins in a.m. at the quad , even the Gondi was no big deal. No crowds we be there on sunday...patriots and giants game and also supper cold
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I am also trying to figure out where to go for the long weekend.

It looks like Sunday storm mostly hit eastern parts of NE. Trying to see what the Friday one will bring. I am also trying to balance the skiing requirements of the mixed group (beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers.)

I don't mind driving up to 6-7 hours from NY. I have been considering Whiteface (good value but ice is a concern for some of the group), Burlington area (particularly Bolton Valley due to less crowds). But now NH/Maine area is in the mix due to better conditions.

Any recommendations?
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If you like progression parks Bolton has hired the folks who build the parks for the X Games and they were working hard on the 3 parks last week but not sure how the warm spell set them back for that.

The Bush will be busy this weekend but as always, Mt Ellen, the biggest(2600vert) of the two mountains will not be crowded, as usual.
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Originally Posted by MrExtrm View Post
A couple of us are driving out from Detroit and staying in Burlington... Any thoughts as to were we should ride... I'm thinking it will be a bit crowded at Stowe.

JayPeak is a positive but that leaves 2 more days...

Any Help would be greatly appreciated....

Try 2 days in Vt. Jay, Stowe, Smuggs, Sugarbush, then on the 3rd day on your way back west hit Whiteface. Don't worry about ice, everybody grooms.
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Southern Vermont got the lion's share of Monday's Nor'easter....the Mass boder got nearly a foot, Stratton to Okemo got six inches or more....the further north you go, the less they got.
My latest info has Jay making snow (yes, making snow)...but so is everybody else.
The Jan thaw of a week or so ago really murdered the snow in New England. Luckily, the December snow was so deep, it provided Spring conditions. But the return of cold weather means that what's left on the slopes will be boilerplate, until enough new snow covers it.
Sorry I can't be more positive. Good luck!
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It was boilerplate on Saturday. A week of grooming goes a long way.
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Let me remind you that I am from Detroit, and Ice Skating is all we do out here.....

I'll make the most of it.. Thanks for the help
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Don't want to hijack your thread, but I'm curious, MrExtrm, what your preferred route between Detroit and Burlington is.

I live in the Detroit area too and I've made the trip a number of times between Detroit and Sugarbush. (I used to have some relatives to stay with in Northfield, VT, and an occasionally available place to crash in Warren, VT.) My route has always been Detroit area -> Southern Ontario -> Buffalo to NY Thruway -> Amsterdam to Malta shorcut -> Northway to Glens Falls -> Fort Ann -> Whitehall -> Rutland -> specific destination.

But I've always wondered (and have played around with mapping software) if I would go to a northern Vermont resort, where the tipping point would be that it would it make sense to go through Toronto and north of Lake Ontaio. On route to Burlington, where do you cross the St. Lawrence and what's the best route to Vermont after crossing? (Google Maps, for example, takes you nearly to Montreal on Canadian 401, then ultimately south to I-89 and Burlington.)

This year between Christmas and New Year's I rode at Whiteface for the first time. I drove to Whiteface from Pittsburgh (was there visiting relatives), then back home to the Detroit area. For Whiteface -> Detroit I used the recommended route for Toronto on Whiteface's website: Whiteface -> Malone -> cross the St. L at Cornwall -> 401 to Toronto, then home to Michigan. But I wondered whether it would've made sense to cross the St. L further south.
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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will be staying in the US....
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My reading of the forecasts is that best bet for avoiding chance of rain while getting snow Friday through Monday is Whiteface. It looks like North Vermont will not get as much snow while South Vermont might get some mixed rain and snow. I am planning on skiing somewhere in the Catskills Friday and heading up north at the end of the day for three more days.

I am not very experienced in this, so any comments are highly welcome!

Think SNOW !
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Conditions have improved substantially at Killington this week. Got 5-6 inches Monday and snowmaking and grooming have worked wonders. OL yesterday morning after 2 days of snowmaking was amazing. Reports for tonight are for 1-3 inches in northern Vermont and a bit more south and east. I suspect it will be all snow in the mountains.
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