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Is anyone out there a Club Intrawest member? We joined in 2005 and I have to say so far we are pretty disappointed with the arrangement. We thought at first it was just getting to know our way around, finding secrets to make the bookings we want but so far we have not been able to get any of the time we want in any of the Club locations.

This is actually my concern - they have been adding members hand over fist in the last few years but no new club locations. What happens to all the money from the new memberships? They have added a lot of exchange properties (with Club LaCosta, for instance) but many of the exchange properties are in Europe and can't be accessed unless you're an Extraordinary Escapes member on top of it all. I don't want locations in Europe - I bought the membership to have a place to stay at Whistler and Tremblant but so far I haven't been able to get near either one. Even better, with all of the dough the Club has taken in, why can't we build a new Club location in Steamboat or Copper?

If you're out there I would love to hear about your experiences with the Club.

Are there any tricks to getting the bookings you want?

What do you think the future holds? Is it going to get better or worse?

How does a lowly member exercise some influence over what the club does with its properties?

Supposedly there are two board members who are member representatives but that hardly constitutes a voice of the membership. How do they get selected and how exactly do they "represent" us? Maybe if we get enough members together with the same ideas for the direction of the Club we can make some of them happen.

Look forward to hearing from you.
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I got "snookered" into buying in about 6 years ago. A few days later I started to get a bad feeling about just what you're telling me and I decided to cancel out of it.

They gave me a prompt, no questions full refund. No pressure there. Of course that all came in the sales pitch!. Did get a nice free dinner out of it though.

Sorry to hear that it's not working out. We were swayed by our visit to the Club at Whistler. Beautiful place, but I'm glad we ultimately reconsidered. Good luck!
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