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Loose cuff

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Boot Guys:

5'6 and 165 lb
Boot: Lange 120 Comp LF
Liner: Intuition Power Wrap (new)
Ave Number of days Skiing / season: 30-40
Ability Level 7-8

Problem: I just switched out my Lange liners for the Inuition and I still cannot get my right boot cuff to fit securly around my shin and calf. After skiing a few runs the boot begins to feel sloppy, no matter how much I tighten the buckles and resecure the power strap.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I have found that the Intuition liner when molded is very generous in the calf/shin area. Have you moved the bail catch to its' tightest position? Also, the buckles can be moved and re-riveted for a closer fit. You may have to try putting a "spoiler" in the shell behind the calf area to get more calf/shin purchase. Lastly, an "Eliminator" tongue insert can be used for additional volume reduction.
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Intuition also offers a heat moldable collar wrap that envelopes the calf and around behind the ankle which sticks to the liner. You can heat and apply these yourself. Let me know if you need a set and I can send you a pair. These cuff shims are $29.95 a pair and the heat moldable stick on tongue shims from Intuition are $24.95.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I will try to adjust the buckle on top. If that fails I'll contact for the Intuition.
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