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Which Skis For Vail?

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I need help guys

travelling from England to Vail on wednesday for 4 days skiing . Am not going to bother to lug my skis all the way just bring my boots - which leads to the question. Which skis should i hire? i plan to ski piste for a day then two days dedicated to the back bowls (fresh snow please !) then probably stick to the frontside on the last day. I think i'm after an all mountain for when i'm skiing the front piste (currently love my Scott Aztec pros for this) and change to something bigger for the back bowls.

This is where i need your help - you know what works well for your mountain and type of snow and piste conditions.

I know i can just keep going back to the store and changing skis until i find the perfect one but with just 4 days skiing i don't want to waste time and would like to try to get it right from the start
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Anything with a waist in the mid 80's should be fine almost everywhere on Vail -- the exact ski will depend on your ski/skiing preferences. If it dumps 2 feet, you can always demo some fat skis.

Which days are you planning on skiing? A few of us may be out skiing there over the next few days.
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Concur with Faisasy on this one. Try some of the wider Volkl AC series or Nordica HotRod series and I think you'll be fine.

The new Fischer Watea line or Atomic Nomad line also seem popular and well respected.
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I am not a local but ski vail about 1 week a year so face the same question.

I like the dynastar 8000 (79mm wide). Perfect for me on the front side and it works fine for me in the back most of the time. Like you, I hate spending more time then i have to renting different skis.

If you are getting fresh snow and you want to go wider for the back the Dynastar Mythic Rider (88mm wide) is a good ski for vail. It is also ok on the front although I prefer the 8K for front and bumps unless they have soft snow.

Agree that if its is really dumping you can try to rent pow skis, altho the mythics will handle most anything.

Both of these should be available for rentals.

I will be in vail Feb 4-7.
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thanks for the answers so far

pretty much what i was thinking - something 80ish mid

find Vokl can be on the heavy side but have only heard good things about the Nordica's - was going to go for 175cms as it's the length i ski in the Scotts .

Will be skiing on thursday friday saturday and sunday with an irish mate of mine - drop me a mail Faisasy if you want to meet up on the mountain and a few beers apres . Would love to get to ski with some of you locals
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rrryan - have skied the Dynastars and the profile is similar to the scotts - what length do you ski it? i'm hoping though that the snow will be so awesome that i have to upgrade for POW skis on the backside !

Ski Salomon teneighty foils for powder in Europe but not that impressed
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The best skis for Vail are the ones that excel at low angle, over-groomed, crowded terrain. Ha, ha, ha,... Just kidding, but damn... that place is FLAT!.... almost as flat as Steamboat!
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really ?

Have breckenridge and Keystone on my lift pass . do you rate them worth a day visit then?

Mind you i like steep and fast , but i'm no freeride huckster - so it may well just suit
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Just viewed your profile "dropscliffsnotbombs" and eventhough i consider myself an advanced skier you're on a whole different planet to me - i think Vail will be just fine
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Vail isn't flat, there's been many arguments over that on epic over the years. Always take what some posters say with a grain of salt - there's a lot of chest thumping around here from time to time.

Vail has it all, maybe not the most extreme skiing around, but plenty of steep things.
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195 lbs ski them in 178s

saturday will likely be crowded - hit the lift early

hope you need the wider skis
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I just can't resist picking on Vail. It's because it always gets rated the best resort in the U.S. and is a household name in skiing. Vail is just fine.
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Originally Posted by DropCliffsNotBombs View Post
It's because it always gets rated the best resort in the U.S. and is a household name in skiing.
Heh, I once heard a Denverite recommend Vail to a would-be visiting skier specifically because it was rated #1 ski resort by Ski magazine, because lots of Denverites ski there, and because he (the aforementioned Denverite) owned a second home in Vail. Although what any of the three reasons actually had to do with the skiing at Vail I never understood.
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well i'm taking a head cam with me so i'll post what i find and i'll let you all know what this 38 year old thinks of it

Here's to powder this weekend across the rockies
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That might be 3 reasons not to ski vail.

I adopted vail as my favorite mountain because it is great for kids and a very good mtn to accomodate skiing with families or groups of skiers with different abilities. It keeps everybody (well ok most) happy.
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are you in london proper. i go there about twice a year for business.
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yes London Proper - sitting in my office in Greenwich , looking out at the river and a nightscape of City skyscrapers as i type
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next time you're in town and fancy going for a $6 dollar pint drop me a mail - i'll show you a pub or two
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keir breckenridge

Hi, I have a condo in Breck so I ski it most of the time. I'm 51 with a bad knee but I still love steeps. Take a NON WINDY day to ski Breck, you'll love it. Anything under E chair or 6 chair is great (steep, natural terrain, trees). Also take the Imperial Express Summit lift, then a 1 minute hike over the ridge to Whales Tale. Excellent bowl, lots of great lines, end up at the Tbar to get back to summit lift. Only problem is the summit gets shut down in winds and even when it's open, you DO NOT want to be on the summit when the wind blows. As for skis, Dynastars are great all around skis for Colorado, I personally prefer the Mythic Rider & the Pro Rider but as in the previous post, lots of people like the 8000. A fat volkl is also good. Rossi's are great if the snow is soft. I'm a bit different and ski Stockli XL's in a 164 (5'8" & 154 pounds). Have a great trip.
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cheers Glue - i will have
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keir - always up for a pint, or two, if not with clients (insurance mkts). i will drop you a mail.

glue - my profile is close to yours. i am skiing breck feb 8 and 9. i have a couple of questions if you dont mind.

i am skiing with an intermediate but athletic skier for part of the trip. is Whales tale at all appropriate

any tips for avoiding the crowds on a saturday?

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thanks for the advice everyone - signing off as i need to get home and pack before flying tomorrow ! yipeeee i'm going to Vail !
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Rent a pair of K2 RECON's

Make sure you grab a beer at "The Club" at the top of Bridge Street.

Have a great trip !
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well guys i went for the K2 Apache recons in a 175cms length. Mainly because it was the best one the hire shop in Cascade village had. Found them a good allround solid ski if not a little dull and unresponsive in feeling.

Did try the Salomon x - wings but found they had that Salomon soft imprecise feel that i associate with the screams - much prefered the K2's

thanks for all the advice as i had a great trip and the K2 's took me all over the mountain and were extremely capable


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