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Bluebird pow day Alta

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The word was that Alta still hadn't opened the Backside, the Shoulder or Devils Castle all week. I had a plan to hit it early, alone, but then I thought why not be with friends on such a fine day? I put in some calls the night before, I came up with dependable Pete. My friend Emily, Chef at Em's Restaurant, had been there the day before, but was spending the morning sampling army rations for a SL Tribune article about feeding the troops. Talk about taking one for the boys... Bushwacker called and explained that a whole posse of Snowbird instructors was going to raid Alta for the day and extended an invite. I dropped the kids at school, and could have made first chair but... Pete had to make some business calls, so I went home and knocked about 500 lbs of ice off my roof with a sledgehammer on top of a ladder.
Finally we get there, just in time for the Backside rope drop. Sorry, no first run pics, no time. Dropped into Yellow Trail from the far north end and took her all the way to the bottom of Glory Hole, pure freshies. The rest was much the same, but the Backside tracked out fast with nobody there but a couple hundred crazed locals.
Hooked up with Bushwhaker, two burly Austrians, and a gaggle of Brits of various shapes and sizes. Plus one gal named Kat, who skied beautifully- all Snowbird instructors- clearly out of uniform and off the reservation. We had a blast the next couple hours Yo yo ing Glory Hole, maching groomers, jumping into powder stashes, and just happenedd to be at the top of Sugerloaf the instant they opened Cecret Saddle for more freshies- short but sweet. here are some from the second lap of the backside- second, and see the tracks? didn't suck though...
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couple more...
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Here's a couple from the Cecret stash- Bushwhacker is out front thoughtfully breaking trail on the traverse out while a gaggle of Brits come howling down. Third shot is Kat- I hope I got her name right. Nice Day,nice people. Castle never opened.
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the pictures look better but you should still try to host them on flickr or something.

also the brits where actually aussie and kiwi as well.

an d yeah well kat, kat should ski very well her last name is bloomquist and her dad is Eric...and if you have skied buck hill I am sure that name is familiar.

fun dau now you should come ski snowbird with us.
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nice pics! can't wait to get over the on MLK. East castle is my favorite. the boot track is usually wide enough for us free-heelers to have our little passing lane.
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Awesome pics! I skied out there a few times years ago. It's much different from skiing in New England!
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