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Who's on the bench this season? A little advice?

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I have always loved this time of the year - so much anticipation and promise of another season of skiing just round the corner! But, as of this posting, I'll be sitting out the first half of this one. Last February, I ended up taking that unadvised "third" last run, and came to grief - detached ligaments, fractured tibial plateau, smashed miniscus, partially torn ACL.

I'm sure many of you out there have had knee injuries, so what did you do to make your great comeback, and how long did it take? I just started running again - gingerly - and realized I'm not ready to chance it just yet(mental? physical? I dunno). I'd really appreciate reading your stories about getting back on the horse, so to speak.

David [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I'm still in denial. Just got out of the hospital after a week of viral pneumonia and bronchial nonsense.

Does three weeks off of work count for the part time instructor gig ..... or just the day job?
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When did you have surgery? I have torn both of my acl's, one had other tears (MCL, and partial pcl, cartiledge, and meniscus) and the otehr was just the ACL, so my injuries were not as extensive. If I recall correctly, it was only a matter of months(2) after I started running that I was released to participate in full activity. If that is the case with you, you may only miss the first half of the season. I was laid up in the summer for one of the tears, and missed almost an entire season the second time, I got closssing day at Alta in, and it was a powder day! Good luck.
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What does your ortho say about skiing again? That should be your main concern, since everyone's injuries, damage, reconstruction, and rehabilitation are different. My story: I had my ACL reconstructed in October 2000, and had some meniscus damage, so I was zero weight bearing for 6 weeks. Back to running at something like 4 months. I tried XC skiing at about 6 months (my PT rolled his eyes and said just because we didn't specifically rule that out doesn't mean it was a good idea to go and do it - but everything turned out fine.) They told me to wait a year before skiing so the graft would be fully vascularized and strong in the event of a fall. I cheated and got a couple of tram runs in that May (8 months post-op). Also without incident, but I was very timid. Did a lot of MTBing in during the summer. The next winter (last winter) I jumped right back in and am skiing better than ever. The first few days I was really wearing myself out trying to stay slow, etc. At that point it was all mental - taking the first wreck actually helped. Knowing that my knee was fine and able to take a fall helped me realize I could go back to normal. It also helped to realize it was easier to be aggressive and point my skis downhill than to stay slow and "try not to fall".

Ask your ortho what he thinks. If he/she is giving you the go-ahead, I'd take it to heart. Keep doing your rehab and visualizing the things you want to be doing. If you've done your rehab and you're in good shape, the only thing you REALLY need to be cautious about is the "knowing when to quit" part.
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I echo what altaGirl said -- listen to your doc's advice, do the physical therapy (hard but worth it) and get back in the saddle. My ACL tear happened in Aspen on the first day of a week long trip. But thankfully, no cart damage so PT started right away (after the reconstruction), and in 6 months, I had full motion, and 80% strength. Before ski season, I felt as good as new - but did have some mental reservations. But as my doc said "be more worried about the other ACL - the graft is likely to be stronger". The first few runs were dicey, but didn't feel anything different, so slowly I got back up to speed. Probably too quickly I was skiing at speed (fast) and in the big bumps, and haven't looked back. Knock on wood.

Now (5 seasons later), the only thing I notice is that my knee is slightly sore right before it rains. Or snows!

Good luck.
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