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Intermediate - help with new skis

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Hello to all - I have spent the day reading thru this forum and you guys/gals sure seem to know your stuff. Here is my situation.

I used to ski often about 20 years ago in Vermont, last 2-5 years I have been skiing only 3 times a year but now am ready to throw my hat back in the ring and get back into it.

I am 48, athletic, 5'9", 170 pounds. I would classify myself as an intermediate, ski the blues most of the day until my legs feel in shape then try to end the day on an easy black. My skiing style honestly has always been straight down, turning to just slow myself down a bit (not that I have a problem turning). Not as fearless as I guess i once was, but still like to move fast, never even advanced enough to try the moguls more than a few times. I would like to move up to skiing about 15-20 times a year and get more advanced than the just straight down as fast as you can. Cant say I ever skied in powder, always east coast resort skiing. I honestly couldn't tell you what skis I used to have - I have been using my buddies atomics last year which are way to long at 180, still stayed with him, and before that just plain rentals.

What I am looking for I guess is what every intermediate skier would say, something that feels smooth and stable and forgiving for mistakes, that you dont have to work hard to turn, yet without sacrificing speed or instability at higher speeds and with the ability to grow with the ski and not need a new set in 1 or 2 years. My day spent at work today saw a few skis that may fit the bill - nordica overdrive, dynasty 4800, salomon x-wing 10, AC3 (is this too much ski for me?). I picked up a good set of Head Mojo boots that feel and fit real well - wanted to wait a few days before the next step for skis.

Any help would greatly be appreciated in steering me towards some skis. I know from the conditions I will be skiing and my physical makeup, that I should be in the mid 160's, with a waist of between 70-78, somewhere in the middle perhaps the best? Thank you so much. it's time to stop worrying so much about work and start enjoying my days back in vermont again.Hopefully, you can give me some suggestions on some skis to look towards & comment on those that I have mentioned.

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There are a lot of skis that would do. I highly recommend you cough up $20 bucks and take a look at the member reviews on realskeirs.com, and choose one of the skis that is suitable for all speed ranges and on sale somewhere.
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