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binding problem

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hello there

i recently bought a used pair of volkl racetiger sl racing with marker comp 18 bindings.

The problem is that in both bindings,the front won't go under 12(and the binding is from 8 to 18) and the back won't go under 10.

why is that?

ps:is a big problem because i need 9...so my legs are in danger in this case
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Sell/chuck those race DIN bindings. It's cheaper than knee surgery!
I will, however, take them off your hands for you...
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Hi....i would be happy to sell the bindings...but i think we have a problem ...i'm from Romania,South-Eastern Europe,and i think shipping is a problem from the money point of view.However...if you are still interested,post me
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Does the screw/spring stop turning when you reach the limit, or does the dial stop moving in the indicator window?

Also - find out how much shipping to the US might be. I have some Comp 14's that I'd trade with you for the 18's.
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the screw stops turning when it reaches the limit.and shipment to the us is about 40 dollars...it's too much.

does the binding have a malfunction ?
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