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Bluehouse Districts - First Impressions

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Make: Bluehouse
Model: District
Year: 2007-8
Length: 187cm
Other Stats: Mounted with Rossignol Axial Pro 110 bindings (which have lifters.) Mounted 1 cm behind the Freeride line which is about 1/2 inch behind BOF.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180lbs
Age: 52
Ability: 9ish
Other skis owned: Nordica Beast, Nordica Ignitions, Rossignol B4s, Rossignol B3s, Volkl Superspeeds, Dynastar Skicross 10s

Conditions: 6-8 inches of good Cascade Powder, 10-16" of chute debris, crud, fresh groomers, crud moguls, moguls with powder....


When I got these skis I measured them and found the freestyle line was close to the middle of the skis running surface. The powder line was a good 5 cm behind that which I thought was way too far back. Since I got these as strickly a powder ski I had to ponder for a while where to mount the skis and decided to mount them just 1 cm behind the BOF position. So far this seems to be a good choice.

The workmenship on the skis seem fine. The edges come without any beveling so I put a 0.5 degree bevel on the base and a 1 degree on the side. The bases had been ran through a stone grinder but it wasn't a great job. I some places the bases didn't get any texture in them.

I was looking for a moderate flex powder ski that was easy to turn in powder, skiable in a longer length in bumps, just enough stout to not get deflected by moderate weight crud and not too boring on groomers. Basically I was looking for a poor-mans Gotama and that pretty much is my impression of this ski. They are highly maneuverable in powder and crud, on a par with Gotamas They have very good float. They don't get twitchy in crud & crud piles even at higher speeds which surprised me considering how soft they feel. They where soft enough to take into deep Montana moguls without getting knocked around.

Their groomer performance was typical for a ski with a 100mm+ waste. They feel clunky and a bit odd at slow speeds. At higher speeds on groomers they come alive and can even be a bit entertaining as long as the snow isn't icy. I enjoyed them more than Gotamas on groomers since I thought I could feel my edges better.

I wouldn't buy these if I was a bowl bomber, but they are ideal for someone who likes to turn in powder.
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thanks for the review, would love to try these on with some tele binders.
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Some updates. I finally got these skis into some really deep powder. They did great. Very easy to turn, no submarining, buttery smooth. Their quickness and ability to maneuver easily in tight spaces & bumps allowed me to get to some staches others bypassed.

When I got into some wideopen spaces where I could ski fast I wished they had a big tip like the Gotamas and were mounted 1 or 2 cm. further back. That would still leave them mounted 2 to 3 cm. ahead of the 'Powder' line. The only reason I would ever consider mounting them at the 'Powder' line is if they were to be used primarily as bowl bombers and if I were looking for a bowl bomber I wouldn't select this ski.

The more I'm on these skis the more I like them over Gotamas. They are less dampened and have a little pop coming out of turns. The combination makes them more fun on groomers, in crud piles and in moguls.
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