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Dakota Chair @ Big Sky

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I've noticed the new chair is not open. Does anyone know if it's lack of snow, or lack of completion?

One month from our trip heading that way. Me and the boys skied Dakota off the tram a couple times last season the Friday after Pres weekend (youtube has our vid). Snowed all day, had an absolute blast skiing it, despite some thin coverage down Liberty heading over to it. Can't wait to try it again even though the un-touched powder days are probably gone with the chair addition.

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I was up at Big Sky yesterday. They had 6" of powder with bigger stashes all around the mountain. I never made it up the tram because I was having too much luck finding uncut powder on Andesite. The ski area was empty even though it was a sunny weekend powder day. None of the chairs had more than a quarter of their chairs occupied and I heard Shedhorn was even emptier. I'm didn't hear why the Dakota chair wasn't running but they definitely didn't need the capacity.
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I actually skied by the top station of the Dakota chair last Tuesday to have a look. The lift was turning and a cat was digging the snow out of the unload area. So hopefully they're into their final checks and the official opening shouldn't be too far off.
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Load Test

The plan is to load test the lift this week - assuming everything works fine - the lift should be up and running by next weekend.

(Rats ... and I will be in Aspen!!! )
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Well, the sandbags made it onto the chairs - but then something didn't work. :
Couldn't find out what went wrong. So we still have no opening date for the new lift.
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Thanks for the clarification. I'll keep my fingers crossed it's up a running by Pres. week.

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Going to be up there starting on the 22nd of February - was looking forward to trying the new lift.
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web page today said it was open. any confirmation?
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Finally made it back there. I think it has been running for 2 or 3 weeks now. Plenty to explore.
Here is a shot from the lift this afternoon:

Just the one shot - sorry, but my camera was playing up.
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I made it to the Dakota lift for the first time today. It was a horrid day to ski there as the entire mountain thawed heavily yesterday then froze overnight. It never warmed enough to soften the snow.

The traverse over is tough with branches to duck under, ruts and lots of dips. It was dangerous today since it was fast and icy. I would recommend hitting the Dakota chair coming down from the Tram through Liberty Bowl instead of taking the traverse.
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