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Thule Ski Racks

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Thule's newer ski racks, 91725 6-pr are designed to be universal fit,
but it seems to me that they are no longer lockable to the load bars
as the former 725 models were. Instead, they use a "tamperproof"
screw (doesn't this mean tamperproof to anyone except those other
Thule owners that have the tool?).
Also, seems the 91725 already includes the lock cylinders, a waste if
you plan on using your own 1-key lock cylinders.

Am I reading all this correctly?
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My 724 universal would attach to crossbars(factory in my case) by wing nuts that could only be accessed after the top was unlocked. Maybe it works the same way.
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Yes, my older Thule ski rack worked that way as well. The newer models use a proprietary bolt so that the rack will mount universally on any crossbar. Seems to me that anyone with the special wrench could take the rack and skis away in one unit.
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I just looked at a picture and I see what you mean. Let me know where you park your car. I am getting a little jealous of the ski gear porn thread!
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