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I'm east coster but had biz in Denver late last week and tacked 2 days skiing onto the end of the trip -- Fri at Vail; Sat at Breck. Demo-ed Mythic Riders in 178.

Me: 5'9" 170 lbs. Former racer. Now 41. Ski pretty aggressively (albeit not quite like in my 20s!)...more power than finesse in style.

I should mention I'm a recent returner to skiing after many years away and have only been on a few mid-fats, so not a ton of experience with comparables.

Conditions: Fri at Vail was knee to thigh deep light pow...skied the backside mostly in and out of trees...some bumps under pow on the frontside later in the day. GREAT day. Sat at Breck was more packed snow and 6-8" crud off Imperial, Chair 6 etc. I took the Mythics through a lot of bump runs on Sat at Breck.

I really enjoyed these skis, and found them to be extremely versatile, with just one characteristic I didn't love (more on that below).

Basically, the Mythics are very damp, easy to ski, float well, plow through skied up pow and crud - nice all 'round western ski. They were quicker and more nimble than I would have expected, and did very well in bumps ... especially nice on soft edges in bumps, presumably because they don't have that much shape.

Which leads to my only quasi-complaint: When carved, they really like to run and don't really want to come around to complete C-shaped turns....again, presumably b/c of relative lack of shape. But that geometry is I suppose what makes them do everyting else listed above so nicely.

I found the 178 to feel just right for me. For the strong skier who likes the whole mountain out west, the Mythics seem like a pretty optimal do-it-all quite well ski.