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Mythic riders

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My stats
Level 7
Dynastar Mythic rider 172
Boots Saloman Impact 8
Condtions ice-Powder
Taos 1/1-6

After much discussion with members on this board, and watching the reviews on this board..Thanks dawgcatching, and Jim..I bought these Ski's from Dawgcatching on one of his sells. As a side note, great service and feedback from Scott. I then waited for the snow to come.Unfortunately it has not snowed down here, so we decided to go to Taos..
After getting fitted for boots the first day, We started off the next morning, and it was icy..I used my atomics in these conditions, and waited. On the third day it was snowing hard, and I was ready.
It was icy underfoot, as it had just started snowing. On my first run the first thing I noticed was how easy it was to just cruise..The ski did everything I asked of it, and waited for more. As I got more confidence the faster, I went, and started to find a few stashes..It surprised me how easy the ski floated across crud, and the few powder spots I could find..As the snow built up on the runs, this is really when I started having some really great runs. I went off into the trees a couple of times thinking this should bog it down..Nothing doing, they just kept on cruising as if on groomers..This ski is very forgiving, and ready to do hard work if asked..To the intermediate that think this is an expert ski..It might be, but I could handle it with ease, and I am no expert. I did a few bumps in ice, and with some powder..These skis do not care for ice much, but if there are soft bumps, it can handle it well. Keep in mind that I am not real good in bumps anyways. These skis can set an edge almost as easy as the atomics, but are far more stable in my opinion For anyplace like Taos..These are now my go to ski

Bottom line is, this ski is extremely forgiving, with an attitude that it can take you where you want to go..If you can demo them, by all means do..If you are looking at purchasing. I give 2 thumbs way up.

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During that time frame I saw one pair of Mythic Riders at Taos. Were you skiing with a small child? If so, I saw you. I know we have different definitions for snow conditions but I really didn't see anything that I would call "ice." I encountered only packed powder and powder.
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I have a nine year old girl..She was in ski school most of the time, but I saw her once on the hills, and also picked her up from school. I was wearing a green, and white outfit, if you remember.
Maybe ice would be the wrong word, but it definitely had some crust on the hills, and it was extremely packed on the mogul runs until the snow hit, and then it was soft, and sweet..
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I saw the skier with the MRs on Jan. 6, the day of snow and very high wind. You'll remember that much of the mountain had not opened due to avy danger. I don't remember the skier's clothing, only the skis. I originally thought they were LPs but then saw they were the MRs. It was at the base around 2:00 pm and the skier had a yound girl with him. I couldn't tell what her age was.

What drew my eye to the skier was that he was in a snowplow with what looked like LPs. I thought that a bit strange but then saw that he was skiing with a kid - multitasking as they say.

Nice looking skis and I bet you'll enjoy yours. I was on the older orange 8800s that day.
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It would not have been me MJB, we left early on the 6th, But I sure wanted to stay after seeing it snow all night...It had snowed all day on the 5th, it did not really build up that much, but it sure softened the mountain up, and made it really fun.It actually sounds like something I would do while helping my little one though..The 8800 must have been super that day though..Maybe next time

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I skied these again this weekend at Taos, and the more I use them the easier they get..This ski will rail on anything thrown at it..I even did some bumps this go around, and they came through great..Give em a try..You will like them

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