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Ascutney-How's the skiing?

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A while back I remember someone telling me that Ascutney was a fun-easy to reach--place to ski..but I've never been there?? Is it any good? How's the terrain?-They list a bunch of black terrain on the map but their website says almost none of it is open! (I read oher reviews that also said they were lax on getting terrain open). Anyway-I was looking to get up there in a week or two-worth a quick trip?
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I've been a couple of times and not in the last 10 years. They had plans to put in a high-speed lift back then and I think they have done so. The blacks are pretty decent and fun. Nice place. I would say it's worth a try when conditions are good.

I find it sad to ski there because I know it would be an awesome mountain if they could add lift access skiing from the top. It would put them in the 2K vertical range and it is way steeper than Okemo. I bet some of the hiking trails would be fun to ski in a good snow year though.
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AI'm an an occiaisonal Ascutney skier and think it has some good terrain, rarely has a lift line, close in parking and the new quad moves you up the mountain quickly. The down side to Ascutney is they don't make much snow and don't get as much natural snow as mountains on the spine of the Green Mountains do. If your timing is good and Ascutney has most of the terrain open and fresh snow it is a real treat.
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