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Saturday, Okemo was a little firm early but by the time I got on snow about 10:15AM the surface was skiable. I won't say soft but you could get an edge when you needed to. The loose grandular was not that tough if you have the right skis

We had 19 buses and I'd say about 4-5000 people.

I would almost say I liked Saturday's snow better then today's.

Sunday was a bit colder but we had more sun light. The early snow, I was first chair on the A Quad, was firm but you could ski it without feeling you were just sliding and controlling speed. We skied the main Mt for a few runs then headed to the south face. The snow there was a bit softer thanks to the sun but it was colder. after we did one run the up trails we headed back to the Sugar House so I could take off my spring gloves and put on warmer ones. Then we headed to Solitude but didn't stay there to long. It was firmer and no sun.
So we decided it was lunch time. Skied a few runs after lunch the decided at least it was better then sitting on the couch watching football.

Hopefully tonights snow will help and with the cold temps hanging around it should be great for MLK weekend.