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Emile Allais

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A ski lesson with Emile Allais :

Year unknown.
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Nice find, I love that vintage stuff.

That New Jersey accent was hard to understand though.
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Eh, you may love Georgette Thiolière then...

(For the accent ... maybe Yuki can help ?)
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Always learn something...
montée en canard (did I correctly understand?) = fish bone = lisca di pesce
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Montée en canard = Climb like a duck...
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Yes, that's the literal translation...but if you go to Italy and say "Risalita a papera"...ehehe
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These two vids and the Henri Oreiller on TGR .
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Based on the 300 cm skis being worn by all the women in that clip, we are pwn3d. :

Really interesting strong rotational moves and inside release too.
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