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Strolz v.s Surefoot v.s Dale

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I just spent 7 days in Whistler in a pair of used boots and had horrible foot pain. I have always had pain in ski boots but this was bad. My foot moved enough that I felt out of control so I had to buckle the boots all the way down, then my feet would go numb or feel like wooden pegs and the skis wouldn't turn. I went into FanatykCo and found out my shell was 1 or 2 sizes too big. They did some work, made a custom foot bed ($225) and made the boots better but there was only so much they could do. I almost went the surefoot route but was worried about followup work and them being 7 hrs away. Now that I'm home, near Portland, I really need new boots. I am pretty sure the foam injectable liners are the way I want to go now all I have to do is decide which ones. I called around Portland and all the ski shops say they don't do foam liners and just want to do a foot bed. It looks like there is a Strolz dealer almost in my back yard and a Dale store in Seattle or Bend, about aces in distance. The other option is the Surefoot. My question is which system is going to give me the most comfort, and how often do they get it right the first time? I like that Strolz is local but I have read that their technology is old. Dale gets great reviews for being on top of the tech game, and it's hard to find bad stuff about Surefoot. I haven't bought new boots in 20 years so I need some advise.
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Let me be the first to welcome you to Epic Ski!

I hope you enjoy your journey!

You need to spend time with a great boot fitter and get the boot fit you deserve. I feel the injected foam route is not the solution for you. I would think that a great boot fit coupled with a comfortable footbed (you own one already) should do you fine. I would also investigate the "Intuition" heat-molded liner and seek a fitter that is well versed in them. The boot fitter should fit you into a shell that will match your physiology and meet your performance/comfort needs.
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HI Lou here. I won't go so far as to say the injected foam route is not the one for one but will agree that it really is irrelevant to the competence of the fitter. There is no new technology in ski boots and footbeds have been around for 50 years.

It doesn't typically matter whether you use, foam liners, Zipfits, Intuitions or what and what kind of footbed you use. All can give good results if the person applying them has enough knowledge to do it correctly.

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