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Volkl Fuego angles

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Are they 1 and 2 or has Volkl changed these to 1 and 1 ?
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I received this back from Volkl.

The "factory tune" of all adult Volkl models is the same - 1 degree base edge bevel and 2 degrees side edge bevel. That is how they come to us from our factory, and that is the tune that should be maintained throughout the life of the ski.

Völkl Guru

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Sorry, but that reply from Völkl is plain wrong. But hey, what should you expect from a distributor that can't spell the name of their company correctly? I measured a new Völkl side edge at three degrees the other day, and I also fully tuned a pair that came out of the wrapper dead square, edges and bases to be prepared.

I'm just going to repeat the same statement I make every time this tired topic comes up: If you like the tune on the ski from the factory, have a qualified tech check what bevels are actually on it and repeat them. If you don't like the tune from the factory, have a qualified tech set it up differently and see if you start liking it. I really don't understand what is so hard about this.
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A tech from Volkl Germany told me recently that the base bevel should be 1.2 and the edge 2.2 from the factory. Of course I'm sure there's always variation which is why Garrett's suggestion is a good one. But maybe you're looking to get them to what they should be from the factory rather than what they actually are.
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It was more to tell my friend not to listen to what one shop told her. Granted it was a well known shop at Killington. But I told her if Volkl had changed I and we here at EPIC would have heard about it.

Women...sorry girls.
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