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bad day skiing

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well i brought some friends out skiing yesterday and two of them decided to try snowboarding mid day after lunch. they swapped equipment at the rental shop. two of them ended up stayin on the bunny hill one boarder one skier. well she caught the toe edge of her board and flipped over face first and sliced the back of her head open. i'm not sure how many stitches she got because we left once her parents got there but it wasnt pretty...

would it be possible to slice your self while skiing.. wouldnt/shouldnt skis usually break away before something bad happens..

i just started thinking after i saw the blood....
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As a fraction of total injuries, being cut by your own equipment is not all that uncommon on skis either. In particular, legs get gashed quite a bit by the sharp edges on skis.

The worst injury of this type that I ever saw was a guy in his mid-30's who did a face plant right onto his ski tip in spite of using ski brakes. The sharp edges of his ski sliced open his face in a U-shaped curve the shape of the ski tip. The incident was bad enough with all the blood and skin flapping around, but was particularly bad because he was skiing with his 5 or 6 year old son who was freaking out at what happened to his dad. According to the guy, what triggered the incident was that a 'border used them as human slalom poles and cut in front at very close quarters and at high speed (on a green run).

Fortunately, with the changeover from ski leashes to ski brakes many years ago, the fraction of injuries caused by being cut by your own skis decreased substantially (as you suggested), and even more importantly, the overall injury rate is quite low.

Tom / PM

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Friend of mine has a very large U-shaped scar on his but. He took a freak fall and landed on his skiedge. Makes for a nice conversationstarter in the sauna though. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yes, it is possible to slice yourself while skiing. Usually the edges cut the clothing on your legs - not your head. However, I did an endo on my heliski day this season and the skis hit me in the helmet hard enough to make me remember it. I'm certain damage to my head would have resulted without the helmet.

I hope your friend is OK and recovers quickly. You may choose to take this as an expensive suggestion for a helmet.

I don't mean to harp but I have seen too many reasons to wear helmets to ignore them.

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I got a nasty gash ..... (as usual) by doing something stupid.

Parcticed Royal Christies on the bunny hill on long skis and wearing shorts. When I tried one on the main run (lots more speed) I got stuck with my skis crossed over (cross your legs ... right on left/left on right) and in the "recovery" brought the edge along my boot top.

I asked patrol for a bandage and they gave me an ambulance. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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True Story...many moons ago, I was skiing with a couple of friends at the end of the season.Conditions were perfect and we were full tucking top to bottom just screwing around.On the way up on the lift, one of my buddys says "check this out,a couple of the screws on this binding are loose" He was wearing the skis with the retainer strap, not ski brakes (shows how long ago this was)Anyway, we get to the top, we all look at one another, drop into a tuck and go.As we all launch off a drop , I look over just in time to see Bob's binding depart his ski.The retainer strap kept the ski close to him as the fall continued. It's important to remember that we are still airborne here.The tail of the ski hits first, digs in and he rode it into the ground between his legs.The edge of the ski cut thru his ski pants, long johns and almost removed his manhood,missing it by no pun intended , a hair. When we got him to the hospital, the doctor said the main artery (femeoral?)was exposed but not cut.15 stitches later we were on our way home.
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Hey Aar,
I took a pretty abd spill and smacked my head on the ice and got a prtetty bad headache for a few days with what I perceived to be balance problems, so I amlooking for an affordable brain bucket.
Know any sites that sell some at reasonable prices?
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I have seen as few cuts from skis. A friend cut his face years ago, before ski brakes. Myself, injured from a wind milling ski on a GS race years ago before ski brakes.
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When I am doing an equipment intro and get to the ski brake part, I still refer to them as the best thing since sliced bread.

Beats having a wind milling machete alongside of you looking for a place to land some damage. :
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I think I have told this story before so apologies....

I was doing daffy's (quite a few years back) off a cat-track in the morning onto a nice steep smooth landing. Went back in the afternoon and took off (to a blind landing - was young as well!) from the cat-track. Immediately after take-off realised the landing was a severely bumped out mess. Landed on top of a mogul and compressed so severely my right ski tip gouged a chunk out of my head. Neither ski released, but as I came to a rather breathless stop blood began dribbling down my face. Several stitches later...
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I had two stitches in my left wrist from skiing the bumps. I over-absoebed a bump, my hands went down, and right where my glove ens, the ski edge ran across my wrist and vut it to where I could see the wall of a vein.

In my first year of teaching, I was teaching a couple of 5 year olds. I was skiing backward in front of one, when he fell forward and knocked his front tooth out on the tip of his ski. This kid was the son of another ski instructor. I guess that's good, because he understood the hazzards and was not nearly as upset as the 17 year old rookie instructor (I was freaking out, big time!)
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I have also sliced myself open with my ski. I was skiing bumps in Mammoth, fell and my right ski released falling sideways to the fall line. My right knee fell on the overturned ski striking the edge. I was just out of high school, with no health insurance and up with some buddies. I had to borrow money to be stitched up so I could continue my Mammoth trip. Oh well! The funniest part was standing in the lift line after the fall and seeing the blood on the snow and being convinced that someone else must be cut. I was unaware that it was me. Didn't even get a tobogan ride!!! :
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Snow boarders suck. Maybe she will not take up the sport now that she has had an enlightening experience.
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Hey SCO, if you’re going to tell me I suck, you could at least learn how to spell snowboarder.
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Ouch! Her poor head! I have seen that kind of accident with skiers too, but usually the injury is caused by someone elses ski or board hitting them.

Recently, I invested in a helmet! One of the best investments I have made. I would like to suggest that you and your friends also invest in one. Sure, they are expensive, but just think of the protection they offer you. I'd rather have a scratched or gashed helmet than stitches in my head!
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