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60-90 cm of new snow - rant - Page 2

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Hello. sorry for not replyinmg sooner, did not mean to "trhow the stone and hide the hand" as it may appera. Last week has been a bit frantic @ home...
Anyhow, prickly had already told everything I could have and even more with his first reply, with the second he's done even better.
Me too I do not want to spring controversy, but since you live in Berlin, Germany, I sort of understand where your remarks spring from.
I mean that when dealing with this kind of news, a certain degree of stereotyping is always present.
I've been married 10 years to a german girl and I still have friends so I know how it's over there when it comes to "Italy", it's 1977 "Der Spiegel” - “Pistole auf Spaghetti” every time. Other Europena revel and rejoice when theres' bad news from Italy, and quickly dismiss things as "typical Italian ineptitude" (of the people and of the governement).
Another example, in september 1992 I left Italy because I had been seconded to France for a two years period (which then became a 4 year, but this is anothe story)...as a consequence of the whole "mani pulite" story, the Lega (a political party) was gaining wheight...a couple of month after my arrival in France, when I became able to understand French I was apalled by the dramatic tones that the Italian political situation was being described. It looked like Italy was on the brink of (another) civil war!
Hastily, Christmas had come, I drove home, only to find everything as "normal" as when I had left.
When I was ranting, at the beginning, I had no intentions to "throw" the guilts weight unto the "institutions". Rather, I wanted to rely the opposite.
We should always use our own head, and asses danger by ourselves.
Because when we do not, and such sansationally heavy death toll is attained, then *any* governement is forced to take action, with the results that we all see negated even the "simplest" opportunities.
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More Valchiavenna cliche'-busting. Not exactly what you have in mind when you think about slopeside pasta:

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Oh hooo, one of my favourite dishes!!!
Cabbages aside, which I can't eat anymore, so I have to carefully pick those aside, every single piece of it...Such a pain!
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No exactly low-carb, what with the pasta and potatoes...
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Neither low fat, with the Bitto cheese and the ton and a half butter!!!
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